Well in the quest to spread vegan love I gotta speak on this restaurant called the Loving Hut. Man this place if off the vine for sure. The Hambloggger Man has had just about everything on the menu so I should know. Now I'm up in here all the time especially the last few months because the kitchen crew has really stepped their game up. From the drumsticks to special rolls the appetizers really get the it cracking. Funk with one of the Heavenly Salads and you will not be mad. For reals these are huge. Leaps of cabbage and peppers with strips of tofurky, basil, peanuts with a sweet lemon squeezed all over it. Delicious. Then do the Golden Noodle Soup with Wonton. This broth has so much flavor you almost wanna drink it down right off the bat. Slices of ham with noodles wontons and veggies. These wontons are hellllla dank too. They got the recipe on lock. Next you might want to dive into a plate of grilled chicken. These nuggets of flavor melt all over you tounge leaving you ready for more. Better order a large too cause you cant have too much. The Veggie Burger is ggggrrrreeeeaaasssssyyyyyy just they way we like it round here. They got a rainbow of smoothies too. Tangy sweet and large with flavor I suggest you try them all out at least once. Kambucha in the fridge too if your one of those people. The desert section is whats up though. I didnt real feel the cheese cake but I cant hate. They got PANDAN that pretty much is like the chronic of cakes. Its got a ganja green frosting that covers its limey luscious insides with a coconutty layer in the middle. If you go there and just get this you will be doing OK. Now the global warming propaganda on the insides could chill and the TV's are always on and tuned into to this tripped out channel about the Supreme Master. I try not to pay to much attention but it does kinda make the place feel like a cafeteria. The people that work there are super nice though so Im not trying to hate. Hate on the Loving Hate....NEVER.......they get 4 outta 4 Hamburgers..

Check the link and let me know what you think....


Da faint monstar!!!!!!

i bet these folks wouldnt be fainting if they had proper health care!!!

Culture Creation-What is HIPHOP?

YO this movie fucked my mind all up for reals!! Made by Khalil up at thcforum.ning.com this documentation is hardcore and the connections made between the ruling class and "Hiphops" elite are mind bending. Now if you think that mass media really just caters to what people are asking for you'll probably write all this off as coincidence, but if your like me and have come to suspect that they be using their influence to shape society then prepare for further evidence. It dives deep into the Hive Mind, The Transhumanist Agenda, Predictive Programming, Freesmasonry and a whole list of brainwashing techniques that are being used to manipulate young and old alike. My man Alan Watts from Cuttingthroughthematrix.com is spotted many times through out the film so make sure you check him out at some point. Dude is on point.

Sacrifice Will Evoke All Truths

Hello people. You just changed your life. From this day foward you will never be the same. The Hambloggger Man is in full effectuals. On this blog you will be exposed to all types of harsh realities that you may not otherwise wish to be exposed to. I will keep the gore to a minimum but beware there will be blood. So get comfy and don't jump to any conclusions to quickly. This is going to be a long road but like the title says Sacrifice Will Evoke All Truths.