The HambloGGGer Man interviews RYS2SENSE

YO YO YO...whats up my people... Just had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Filmmaker, Historian, Philosopher, Activist, Ron Paul Supporter and fellow Bloggger RYS2SENSE. Needless to say he was a well spring of information. If you’re not familiar with his work you need to check out War by Deception .com, and his RYS2SENSE youtube channel. The guy is putting in major amounts or work today in an attempt to break through the BIG MONEY Media’s blackout of the TRUTH. 

And you can bet your bottom Dollar that the ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA is not happy about RYS2SENSE’s work, as was evidenced in an article put out yesterday by the ADL claiming that he is being slanderous in his allegations that the Israeli government played a part in the September 11 attacks. However the ADL doesn’t offer any proof to debate his allegations, rather they rely on playing the RACE CARD in an attempt to garner the support of their readers. I do believe though that the evidence that RYS2SENSE brings forth in his arguments and videos is to powerful for it to be dismissed by this smokescreen of deceit and that he will ultimately be successful in continuing to open peoples minds and spark the debate that is necessary for the truth community to continue to grow.