had to remix this piece case yall thought i was fronting around...yaaddaaddaphilme!!!!!


If you didnt know Dan Dicks is holding it down up at PRESSFORTRUTH.CA. He had mad footage of this years G20 being posted real time and other critical breakdowns before and after the party. Hes been in the truth game for a minute now though (if hes been in as long as hes been growing that beard its gotta be a long minute) and the man has knowledge. Ive seen him all over the place clownin masons, calling out the police, trying to bum rush some of Gores Climate Change Orgy Porgies. I dont think that the pigbots are really feelin his show though, seems like hes always getting the boot while trying to get the shot. You know how they get when you start fucking with they cash man!!! I have no doubt that Mr. Dicks is going to continue to blow the critics minds back as he disassembles the conspiracies of today with logic and reason.

This is some dope follow up to the arrests that were going down up at the 20. Just look at this mans face when he gets asked a simple question. He looks like he dropped a log in his pants. And those pigbots in the minivan..DAMN!!! Dont yall have any pride at all??? Spying on folks, trying to instill fear!!! You can see the fear in theirs chests though. Uneasy breathing. Empty eyes. Terminators!!!

Have you seen this building? FREEFALL??

Blinded minds.
Blinded eyes.
Massive lies.
Massive crimes.

What happened to the path of least resistance???

The Cove!!!

Its said that you can tell alot of a people by the way that they treat the animals of their country. If thats the case the world is fucked. In particular Taiji, Japan. However this movie is not so powerful only because of the shocking images of dolphins being slaughtered, but also because it tells the story of a Man who becomes concious of the errors in his ways and in doing so really tries to make things right. FUCK SEAWORLD!!!!!

Ive come to think that any animal that will enslave another animal for its own well being will ultimately at some point become a victim of their enslavement.

Now tell me does this look familiar..

A World without Cancer!!!

SHEEEEEEEET Mayne. This movie is dope, creepy, informative, old school, has a dope soundtrack and could possibly save your life....G. Edward Grifffizzin comes through in this classic tale of how the FDA wants your ass dependent on them, infiltrates all types of medical institutions to insure this is the case and when all else fails will throw your ass in jail for not falling in line with their rules and regulations. Yet not only do they want us dependent on them they want us to be sick and dying so just in case they do need to ENFORCE some laws it wont be hard to do. Very sick and disturbing.

In this case its the outlawing of a certain vitamin B-17 that fell into the scopes of the boys up at the FDAgency. Soon after it was discovered that diets lacking in b-17 left one suseptable to cancer they declared it not a vitamin at all actually and against the law to claim its healing properties for medicinal purposes. DAMNIT!! But G.Edward really wasnt having it and this movie and book were one of hes ways to protest the laws and educate folks.

Educate me he has done. In fact im eating some apricot seeds right now. Apricots naturally having the highest amount of b-17 in all plants. Laetrile which is the chemically modified version of b-17 is steady used all across the world and it sounds like it has seriously helped alot of people successfully fight their bouts with cancer. Laetrile is banned in the USA. Go figure.


Seriously though. I hate to make fun of people for the way they talk but damn this fool sounds like a straight up little bitch. How many times do you have to get beat up on the playground before you start devising plans to poison the world? How in the world can these EUGENICISTS be taken seriously?

I wouldnt think that anybody did but being that there is already FLOURIDE added to the drinking water for supposed medical benefits I must assume that people are. When did humans become so down trodden that we are become open to the idea of unknown doctors start mass diagnosing us and upon diagnosis diseminating the medicine through the water? This if straight the fuck up some MAD SCIENTIST shit going down. I mean come on now for reals. If people are sad they should talk to their friends and family. If they dont have any or the problem is severe go see a doctor. At some point we have to let people be accountable for their own well being or else we will become limp wristed pansies much like this fruit loop.

check this other clip from this loser


This is some real talk right here. Anytime somebody is biting they need to get called out pronto.
Hijacking art is mad weak. Especially hijacking the work of dead folks. How the fuck are they supposed to stand up for themselves. Of course Shepard knows this is in his favor. Being as blissfully ignorant as I am I did not know the severity of this situation in particular. DAMMNNN!!

And if you didnt know the streets is hottttt!!! People out here putting in hella overtime trying to breath some life into these zombie ridden cities of ours. Street cred is not to be joked about. I seen alot of cats when I was growing up thinkin it was all good to take responsibility for some art outta magazines. You know thinkin to themselves "Ah shit its all good aint nobody gonna ever grow up and leave this city", but low and behold these losers always got the covers pulled sooner or later and were discovered to be the cockjocker that they truly were. Even with this situation a discerning eye could tell from the jump that something wasnt right.

Here is where the Fairey man finds himself. Covers getting pulled. Panties getting shown. Walls getting dissed.

Really though he is just another one of todays intellectual gatekeepers. Its almost as if he was groomed specially for his last obama gig. By hijacking these works of art that embodied a revolutionary political spirit Fairey was able to paint himself as a philosopher of freedom and struggle. Obama was able to also dabble in this type of propaganda. While the media painted him as a liberation theologist he was able to been seen as a proletariat and with this many were able to relate. Together they were almost undefeatable. HOPE!!!! should have been HYPE!!!!
The wars go on and we see Faireys work get less critical. Obama sends the surge and Fairey who has put his name on the line dont say a fucking word!!!! Pathetic. But thats what the gatekeeper does. They get you to the door then start telling you stories on why you dont wanna go through it, and in our arrested state of development unsure of ourselves and still reaching out for a guiding hand we fall in line. I mean for reals man this wall was shit even before the wack ass tag

Faireys really gonna go around the world doing the same weak ass global warming fear mongering installation. It would not surprise me if we soon found out that the reason Al and Tipper broke up was because Al and Shep were hooking up. I mean shit remember the revolution Shep. Remember the war that youve been clowing all these years???? You were serious right??? You werent just looking to get some street cred were you??? Tell me what you know about COINTELPRO???

anyhows...the streets is hot..the streets is watching...the streets will one day consume each one who dwellith upon them...

aint that some shit!!!

I must be living in a fucking backwards ass place of world. How in the fuck are you going to get up and say the wars over, but were keeping 50000 troops. I dont give a shit what the reason is, if your keeping folks their the war isnt over. Give me a fucking break would you. This ASSHOLE of ASSHOLES is gonna start saying bedtime stories and were just supposed to go to sleep. AINT HAPPENING OVER HERE IN THE LOUNGE!!!! Really how stupid do the people who wrote this speech think we are. Obviously the answer is VERY STUPID!! Gullible, asleep at the wheel, idiotic, mind controlled sheep!!! For reals though. I thought a gang of people were just like nah the war is fucked up and stupid. OBAMA tries to make it sound like no matter where you stand everyone was for the war. YEAH sure as if were all part of the psychopathic forgotten zombie class that will eat human flesh to keep their flat screen . THAT AINT ME THOUGH. THE HAMBURGER IS JUST WAY TO GREASY these lies and rivers of vomited propaganda slide right off my buns baby!!!!

so for all the people that were killed and will continue to be killed in this the writers of this speech...heres a big



Peep Game!!

these graphs are wild.

Again we see the hijacking of mans acomplishments to further the agenda of the priest class. It would seem that they have their fingers on the pulse of humanity at all times, sometimes the galaxies pulse, and come up with these self fulfilling prophecies. Hamburger aint having it though. Were cutting through the hatrix, yaddaddaamean!!!!!!

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