Arnold Schwarzenegger Sucks or ARNOLD THE CHEAT

In case anyone had any doubts that Arnold was number SCUMBAG #1 let us beginith to talk some serious shit.

In case Arnold rockin Nazi belt buckles wasn't enough. In case Arnold groping over a dozen woman didn't seal the deal. In case him cutting a murder sentence in half on his last day in office wasn't icing on the cake of inhumanity. These just being a few of the ingredients in this poor excuse for a MAN, but if they weren't enough we now know that Arnold cheated on his wife with a maid, at the same time his wife was pregnant with their child, got the maid pregnant. The maid has the baby and continues to work for the family but keeps it a secret that Arnold is the father. DAMN!!!! That is serious about as low as you can go man!!! NO lower. Thats It. Arnold you are seriously a PIECE OF SHIT!!! That's it man. END OF STORY

Its obvious that Arnold is and has been morally bankrupt for some time. At this rate you have to wonder if this is accidental? Is he trying to shed himself of all dignity and honor in hopes of securing his seat next to the devil! Most likely. This sick bastard must think everybody is really fucking stupid. How did this stay under the wraps for so long?

Alot of people will shrug this off and say "what are you surprised" or "well at least he didn't rape her" and then go on with their daily routine. Well truth is im not surprised and I'm very much glad he didn't rape her but these are not the issues.

Arnold was compromised. You can be sure as shit a lot of people knew about this. Most importantly the people who Arnold was working for. The Enron People, The Global Warming People, The Kennedy's etc. all of these people knew this and would have used it to get Arnold to bend to their will. This is typical operating protocol. He was allowed to keep his acting job, his family life, moved into a position of power and did everything that he was asked to by his puppet masters. We now see the strings that make the puppet dance.

And let me reiterate this ARNOLD YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT!! You got a kid out in this world growing up without a dad. How many times did you look at this child and disown him to his face. You robbed him of what are probably happiest time of his life, being a kid for your own selfish gain. There is not much more that I can wish upon your pathetic soul so I won't, but don't think for a moment I am not basking in the knowledge that your life is becoming a living hell. You have this and much coming to you for all of your treacherous, deceitful, hypocritical doings.

The real test will now be put forth to the people who idolize this asshole. Will they live up to what many of these so called experts are saying and continue to support him in his career. This would not be unlike people who still support Tiger Woods. These guys are NO HEROS. THEY SHOULD BE PROTESTED and called out for their CHILDISH behavior. They should be outcast from the tribe for promoting this type of behavior which works to break up the house and turn every person into an orphan.

No real man would treat their family the way these guys do theirs. At a time like this we should take a moment to sit back and think about that. Those Fathers, Husbands, Men in the world who hold it down for their fam and keep it real with themselves don't ever get the credit or recognition for doing so. These however are the true HEROS.