So that guy who wants to END THE WARS and END THE FEDERAL RESERVE has won the  ONLINE STRAW POLL in IOWA. Not only did he win but HE CRUSHED the competition taking in a total of 44% of the 6000 votes. This is great news for the PEOPLE OF IOWA and indicitave of RON PAUL'S true positon in the upcoming PRESIDENTAL ELECTION.  In a game that often comes down to choosing the lesser of TWO EVILS he proves that that this doesnt have to be the case.  Dr. Ron Paul gives a breath of fresh air with his campaign for liberty and true hope that WE CAN ELECT a GOOD person if we wish.

Sports Entertainment and the MAN/BOY Phenomenom

Alan is speaking very clearly on an important topic. Sports Entertainment has been used to fill the void of Today's man who has had his will castrated by the social engineers. In many ways Sports Entertainment has allowed the BOY to never grow up and thus the MAN only knows games and can never be serious.