California Congress People Who Voted To End War In Libya

A couple of weeks ago congress voted on pulling out all military assistance from Libya. I thought I should give a nod to all of my Cali Reps that voted yes on HR. 51.

Xavier Becerra (D-31),John Campbell (R-48),Sam Farr (D-17),Barbara Lee(D-9)
Tom McClintock (R-4),Grace Napolitano (D-38),Laura Richardson (D-37),Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-34),Ed Royce (R-40),Brad Sherman (D-27),Jackie Speier (D-12),Pete Stark (D-13),Maxine Waters (D-35),Lynn Woolsey (D-6).

The highlighted names will send you to videos and articles where these Reps. are individually commenting on Libya. Most of them saying that the President did not have the authority in the first place to start this war. A few of them discuss impeachment as the only option left. I was feeling this video of Tom McClintock!! He lays the case down in a common sense manner while at the same time appealing to a modern sophisticated political philosophy.

The case seems open and shut to me. Obama and his cohorts are working outside of the law. Question is now who will enforce JUSTIICE?

Hotel Killafornia or California Representatives approve bombing Libya

A great many folks woke up today and read the news that NATO forces in Libya had accidentally dropped a bomb on the wrong house over the weekend. Due to "Systems Weapons Failure" a farm was hit and 15 people were killed including three children. This of course puts the already murderous and phony humanitarian agenda of the U.S./Nato war machine further into question.

Curious as to what some of my local politicians thought about the U.S. supported NATO invasion of Libya I came across a couple interesting videos. Apparently not many of my representatives are vibing with me??

Turns out that Mrs. Feinstein is all about these imperialist aggressions. She and some of the other WAR MACHINE components ie. John Kerry, John Mcain are currently working on a resolution to stop bullshiting and give Obama the authority to do whats needed to end the Gadafi regime. DID SHE NOT SEE THIS DEATH OF INNOCENT PEOPLE COMING?

Its probably much easier for her to have this position of tyranny and lawlessness since her sister from another mister Senator Boxer believes in fact that she has already cast her vote and that all of this is to-do about nothing because well as she puts it "What their doing is working". Really IS IT?

Devin Nunes a Congressman/Farmer who worked under G.W.Bush has come out publicly with his support for the NATO HUMANITARIAN/REGIME CHANGE agenda. He seems to resonate with Mrs. Boxer in his feeling that the U.S. should really do all it can. He goes a bit further saying that we should go all the way implying that boots on the ground may be what we need. I WONDER WHAT HE THOUGHT OF TODAYS HEADLINES OF NATO MASSACRE???

Is there any voice of dissent amongst any of my political reps these days? I'm sure there is. I'de like to see Susan Davis take the reins on this one and inject some peace into this awful situation. I'm not sure if she is really hip to the issue though because I was unable to find any quotes on the matter and she doesn't list Libya as one of the areas of "Emerging Threats" on her web site. According to other reports she has floundered the opportunity to question army officials on these sensitive matters.

Barbara Lee starts to make a little a bit of sense when she brings into question the constitutionality of Obama's ability to bring into war the United States as he did. This proves to all be an act though because two seconds later she does a 180 degree turn and says she understands his reasoning based on humanitarian needs. Being that she was put on this fake ass show to falsely represent PEACE the host has to then act like he is disagreeing with her through facial gestures as if his annoyed all the while he is verbaly agreeing with everything she says. REMEMBER 2+2=5.

This is sad. These wars are the indicators of imperialism. The innocent people dying are going to be called collateral damage. We need PEACE. These wars are an obvious failure however we have been programed to believe that they are our destiny. The true success in life is to love and spread knowledge. Be a part of your experience and achieve virtue. This is done through peace, intellect and compassion. These are all free to everybody. If this campaign of hate doesn't stop there will be many more innocent Libyan people killed this is for sure. This is Sad.