and now for the TURD BURGER!!

Now aint that some shit!!!!

you know i like to consider myself pretty open minded and being that Im a vegan im always looking for new companssionate ways to get all of my essential proteins but for reallly though Im not trying to eat someone elses turds no matter what scientific process it has undergone. CALL ME OLD FASHION!!!!!

Harry Reid speaks on Libya

It would be hard to beat this guy in a match of arrogance. How are people like him running the show. To say that the situation in Libya is going to be over before we know it and that's why one shouldn't be concerned with the legality of the issue is childishly immature at best. To also say that he is ok with this use of deadly force because he would like to see Gaddafi out wreaks of imperialism. The smirk on his face indicts him of being a heartless bastard. WHEN WILL THIS STOP?