Susan Davis-Killifornia Congresswoman

On June 24,2011 congress was given the opportunity to vote on cutting the funds for Americas involvement in the current invasion/destruction of Libya. To no surprise my representative Susan Davis voted against cutting the funds. As a matter of fact in the same day she voted to authorize an expansion to the U.S. involvement in this WAR.  This saddens me greatly.

When I called her office headquarters to get her reasons for doing so I was told by her staff that she trusts Obama and so she stands behind him in his decision. WOW! Is Susan Davis really just a lap dog to the current "Democratic Administration". I would think that as an ADULT and LEADER in our community she would have had a more genuine perspective on such an important issue.   Her staff then directed me to the web site for additional information on the topic, but I had already looked on the site and there was nothing on it in regards to Libya. When I told them this they replied "Oh yeah, well this is a recent issue and she hasn't had a chance to post anything". RECENT ISSUE??? REALLY?? 100+ days into the invasion and she has not even a blurb about the issue. Does she really think that this is an acceptable answer?

Now we've seen the reports where innocent civilians in Libya are have been blown up by NATO bombs. SHE SAID NOTHING. We've seen the videos of the "Rebels" racist lynch mobs. SHE SAYS NOTHING. Well why would she? BARRACK "NOBEL PEACE PRIZE"OBAMA has also stayed silent on these issues and since she is following his lead........We now know the stories of Gaddafi's Viagra fueled Rape Gangs are lies. We know that the "Rebels" armies consist of many Al Qaeda who were fighting against the U.S. in Afghanistan and she SAYS NOTHING!! The Air Force Times this week said, that despite Obama saying the U.S. is no longer directly involved in military action there, the fact of the matter is the U.S. has been on over 800 bombing missions since NATO supposedly took the lead. SUSAN PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!!!!

I'm sure she would like for us to believe all these happy WAR MONGERING LIES that her and her friends like to make up. Like the one about no U.S. ground troops. PLEASE!!! I know this game SUSAN. You know damn well that we are gonna go in. Once Gaddafi is killed you will tell us that its no longer a WAR and that we are simply going there to insure DEMOCRACY has a home. YOU WILL TELL US THIS EVEN AS AMERICAN TROOPS ARE BEING KILLED. When this happens know that you are and accessory in this CRIME.

To end this I would like to reach to you SUSAN. Please take another, deeper look at the invasion of LIBYA. Think about all of the lives that you can help to save by speaking up and using your VOICE for PEACE and not continuous non stop war and murder. 10 years into war we see the price of occupation. Our countries economy is falling apart and our culture is becoming numb to violence and emotion. Do you really want to lead us into another situation that will only make these much worse??