1300 Libyan killed within 24 hours at hands of peace loving, NATO BACKED FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Main Stream media FLATLINES story.

How is it that 1300 people are killed in a single day and it doesn't make headlines? How is CNN not reporting on the fact that 1300 people were killed in Libya yesterday? I almost can't even believe that this is real. Is the Main Stream media really so on the take that a mass killing, of this magnitude, can be blacklisted? HOW CAN THIS BE???  I know that this number is coming from within the Gadaffi camp so people won't trust it, however that IT IS IN FACT coming from within the camp seems enough reason to at least cover it as an allegation. That we see all the different media companies working in tandem on upholding this blackout, in my opinion, is indicative of a conspiracy of censorship.

“This is a NATO war. They bombed this entire city and landed insurgents on the coast. NATO has bombed mercilessly in this country and massacred innocent civilians.” 

All day the MAJOR headlines have been celebrating today as a real turning point in this war. Barack came out and talked about the US commitment to being a friend and PARTNER in the rebuilding of Libya (aka OCCUPY). I've seen the tabloids come out and mock Gadaffis wardrobe in an attempt to make light of the subject. ALL this rhetoric and nothing about 1300 people being killed in ONE FUCKING DAY!!! This is so DAMN SAD. To call this a new low would not be sufficient in my condemning of the military industrial complex, and more specifically the MASS MEDIA branch of it. This act of censorship is a cruel joke and an exercise in mind control.  Tell me please, how are Obamas supporters going to say that this is a humanitarian mission. THIS argument HOLDS NO WEIGHT.

Below is a clip of Webster Tarpley breaking down the current NATO rush to meet their timelines and to keep this mission moving expeditiously. Apparently NATO has found a blood thirsty, murderous group of PRICKS.  I would really like to catch one of these pilots, who are carpet bombing a city of 2 million people, on the streets someday and ask them how they go to sleep at night. There is no excuse for these EVILS. The entire world should read this news of 1300 people (and counting) being killed and DEMAND IT TO STOP. There is no way that this is going to bring in democracy. HOW CAN OBAMA sit there and front so hard? He must really think we have the intelligence of his kids.  Of course he is putting all his money (including his nobel peace prize) on the bet that, as long as this STORY OF MASS MURDER doesn't get coverage, nobody will think about it.

Perhaps we can consider OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD a success, eh? Or will the people of the planet use this as an opportunity to see the true colors of these NEWS PUNDITS who say that we should trust them in their UNBIASED attempt to gather and report information. Im sure they will say these blackouts are just lapses of judgements in their honest attempt to help cultivate an informed society? Will these people who were killed be forgotten or will this story find the power to tear the veils from the eyes of those naively believe that MSNBC or FOX really cares about them? I believe that it is through these arrogant acts of intellectual treachery that the EMPIRE becomes exposed, for its not always just about what they tell us, but rather what they don't tell us, which allows us to see wither or not it is our best interests that they have in mind? Choosing not to address the fact that 1300 people were, or may have been, killed in one day speaks volumes in this regard.