The stars are invisible.

This is not meant to scare you. I see it now. Black islands consuming the islands. Children tarred and allowed to starve. Wondering which way to the warehouse. Lining up for the warehouse. People grown in the warehouse. Return to the warehouse. Dirty, lost, city dweller following a light. Lasers flashing helicopters scanning volunteers feed the hungry paper that makes them forget about their hunger. Laughing in the doorway playing with the rats. The stars are invisible. Screeching metal grinding piercing howling machine of destruction. Tyranny of mass production under eugenic instruction wont stop till total consumption.


Charlie Veitch got locked up. This is a very sad day for all of the touchy feely people of the planet earth. Further evidence that the police state is in full effect and THE HAMBURGER MAN knows that. Charlie is pure comedy. He is out on the streets cracking mad jokes about the banker overlords and their political pawns so I guess its not surprising that he got swooped up by the PIGBOTS but that doesnt make it any less sad. Lets just hope when hes in jail some of the sexually less inhibited cellys dont take his love the wrong way. Anyways Charlie us out here in the burgersphere are here for you man. STAY UP



Good morning kiddies. Today's lesson on THE HAMBURGER MAN SHOW is on AGENT PROVOCATEURISM. Yes it would seem that COINTELPRO Is alive and well in this free world of ours. Not able to discredit the concerns of the citizens the PIGBOTS like to try and blend in with the groups of protesters and incite violence. This way all the half asleep zombies that get all of their thought programing from the gamestream MKULTRA mass media will believe that the PIGBOTS are completely in the right and should be doing everything they can including, but not limited to, firehosing, pepperspraying, rubberbulleting, tasing, and mass arrests without evidence of any crimes actually being commited. Take a look at this first example of some PIGBOTS being ousted. They have not done violence but this is a very good example of methods used in order to try and blend in .
These PIGBOTS stand out like a sore thumb due to mass steroid use and constant beating of innocent bike riders..

Now in this clip we see what may be the beginning of PROVOCATEURISM. Some of the smarter more advanced humans in the crowd recognize the tactics though and again pull the PIGBOT card. Good work folks.

And lets now lets take a look at some more recent footage of supposed protesting. Now do we seriously believe that after spending 1 billion dollars on security that they could not stop a cop car from being burned. PLEASE CHECK YOUR HEAD. They have military goons all over TORONTO right now and if they gave 2 shits about stopping that cop car from being burned you can bet your ass every person within 1/2 mile of it could have been swooped and incarcerated. The bankster assholes that make up the G-20 love this because it makes their cause look valid. Its makes it seem ok that they even spent 1 billion dollars on security in the first place, but wait as you can tell that wasn't enough so next time it will be 2 billion of the taxpayers money. These pussy ass supposed anarchists then start attacking camera people. Doubt the attack any gamestream media camera people though. You know the ones who are on the payroll of the same corporations that they are supposedly striking out against in when breaking the windows.

I KNOW I kiddies are like up HAMBURGER have you lost your mind. I thought you hated THE MAN and you should be happy this PIGBOTS are getting their cars toasted...your thinking HAMBURGER PATTTTTY youre smoking to much man..your paranoid aint no PIGBOTS dressed up in all black with rocks...WELL WELL KIDDIES I can assure you one thing I am PARANOID but check this video right here YES is real on the battlefield. See my contempt for the system that works do dehumanize us is very real but only because my love for my folks is also real. To see people using demonstrations against the NEW WORLD ORDER as a vehicle to go do property damage to me is extremely weak. Seeing people attack journalists seems very facist to me. Im all for anarchy but without peace it will never be able to be realized. If these clowns really wanted to do some damage to these corporations they could do so very easily on a quiet night with sling shots and not have to to worry about arrest. In fact I've met some that do and I would have to say that they're attitude was genuine.

Im not going to say that all of these folks dressed in black are the PIGBOTS. Ive been to the meetings where these events are being planned and seen the young, easily influenced kids soaking up all the trash about how admriable it is to get rounded up and thrown in the jail to "PLUG THE SYSTEM". These kids soak it up like a sponge. I know also how good it feels to have your leash taken off and able to run free. Essentially I think its that emotion that gets manipulated the most here. The PIGBOTS know this too and are always quick to hijack our instincts through propaganda. Just think if all of these folks took all that energy into getting information out to the ZOMBIE CLASS. Educating them as to the real agenda of the BANKSTER elite. That type of interaction may even it make it possible for a world to exist where the G-20 couldn't.