Want to see what happens when you die serving your country then click here??? Unmarked graves like a person found dead on the street!!!! Your ashes dumped into a pile of dirt!! This speaks on exactly how the soilders are seen as by their leaders. Cannon Fodder!!! This article tries to whitewash the incident but does not do a very good job. Only after independent investigations did they come clean. If it wasnt for those pesky journalists this would still be going on. I wouldnt be suprised if it did anyway. One Nation Under God Indivisible With Liberty ANd Justice For ALL!!!


This crew is wild!!! For reals though how you gonna start lighten shit on fire??? HAHAH...I was cracking up though when that train came through..First everybody was about jet outta there but a couple stayed back saw it was all good then those guys came running back to get some...well done..well done..these dudes get 4 BERGS FOR SURES...


Its all a big joke isnt it? Terrorising people and blaming the victim. Killing children and laughing about it. Giving a peace prize to a war monger. Its all fun and games for the sick and twisted leaders of our world. "Drones"???? Sounds like the terminator coming to life. Machines killing humans.

Just listen to the audience laughing. They are all probably getting fat checks from the selling of these DRONES. Sitting there eating a $1000 plate of food while really all they want to do is drink blood. This is a sadistic ritual of the LEADERS. A group of filthy rich psychopathic leaches.