Do not be fooled. The social architects have an agenda. One part of this agenda is to break up the family unit. By doing this they will succecfully make all of us dependent upon the goverment tit for our nourishment. Once we are completely dependent upon this life will be very different from today. Childeren will not be raised by their parents. Perhaps still grown in the womb, until biotechnology allows otherwise, after the birth children will never know the love of their parents. In fact parents wont even know how to love since they will also have been seperated at birth much like the animals that we call "pets" were.

So how will this family unit be broken? First the relationship between man and woman must be eradicated. There are many tricks being used by the architects to achieve this goal. At this point it is known that its not the parents that need to be indoctrinated but rather the kids. The fact that the parents send their kids to strangers to learn critical social skills and basic education is proof to the architects that the parent is fully domesticated and poses little if any threat. Anyways until technology provides them with the ability to "Grow" humans they will put up with the sperm donors petty convictions of having their "Own Children".

The indoctrination shall take many forms and at all times will manipulate the latent instincts inside of the child. One of the architects favorites instinct to manipulate is the sex drive knowing that this is a key element in the human relationship. If they are able to tamper with it at a young age its much more likely that it will act the way that they want it to and in the architects world there can be no variables. Everything must be controlled. Birth must be controlled. This is where the manipulation sets in.

In the new video released, 17 year old Miley "Brittney" Cyrus pretends to lock lips with one of her backup dancers. See article Here. What the article doesnt discuss is that right after the kiss Miley grabs one of her male dancers and simulates anal sex with him? Weve seen this with the Disney puppets before (Madonna and Brittney/Christina?) so its nothing new which while maybe not making it shocking, it is further evidence of the HYPERSexual agenda being pushed. Look at who is the front row of this audience. One of the girl looks about 10 years old??

This HYPERSexual agenda is one of turning the condition of love into a condition of lust. Its one that promotes promiscuity as a vehicle of freedom. A way to realize who you are. Your sexual identity? An expression of independence? The architects know this is not the case though. Quite the contrary in fact but by stimulating the premature organs of their target audience the sexual revolution continues on.

What really becomes of people who tramp around though? Wither it be with the same sex or not. Do they really live in eternal wild bliss or rather in a state of depression? Never staying around long enough to really know somebody beyond the flesh. Another major factor to the depression is disease. Some diseases last for a life time (How does that affect ones sexual identity?) Some cause permanent infertility. Some death. Then there is unwanted babies in essence unwanted families. For this we are given "Birth Control". These all in turn hamper are ability to relate to another as man and woman. Mission accomplished.

The architects use the entertainment industry as a main tool in their work to build our culture's. Through the use of dramas that star characters such as the young Hannah other children grow a bond. The same age as the audience she is an ally. A testament of what one could be. Everywhere you see her on pajamas, gift wrap, birthday cakes, bikes. She is an idol and therefore a powerful tool of the architects. Watch how they unfold her character to lead the flock into the human nursery.


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I guess if its in the Washington Post its really not a secret so the headline is a bit misleading but that doesnt mean that there arent actual secret wars going on. In fact the title alone begins to condition us into being ok with this and one may think that since their spilling the beans about these wars they surely must have the intentions of telling us about the new ones. Of course this will only be able to happen once all the terrorists are found and killed or thrown into prison.

"Obama, one senior military official said, has allowed "things that the previous administration did not."

Its hard to imaging that Bush didnt let his minions not to pretty much anything they wanted but apparently he did. I mean there photos of torture that Barack couldnt even show the flock. Makes me sad to think about the way the killing of civilians is just brazenly mentioned as a neccessary byproduct of the war on terror.

I know that most people I know voted for Barack because they thought he intended to stop the wars but here we see the exact opposite in a major freakin way. They should be pissed off and in the streets letting him know what time it is. Enough of the deception already. We need leaders not liars. US military secretly inside of 74 countries doesnt seem transparent to me.

9/11 is mentioned 5 times. Wonder if it has something to do with secret wars?????


Anna Azari lets you know what time it is in this interview below. How anybody thinks whats Israel has done is ok is really disgusting. Killing people then acting like a victim. Putting out only half the story while they pirate away the rest of the evidence. How convenient. Are the good people of the planet just going to continue to sit by and watch this type of shit happen then hope that the UN is going to some how bring justice. They would have long ago stopped the murderous blockade being set up by Israel if that was the case. The pro Israel slant on almost every website is further evidence of Rupert Murdochs grip over the lamestream media. He aint fooling The Hamburger Man though. It will be interesting to see what comes of these murders. Will anybody face charges. Will the families get to use the media as a platform to express their concerns or will they be ignored. I would have thought their words would be out now. Then again they may still not know!!!

Now after you ask yourself some of these questions take a gander at some expert investigative bloggging going on....


Really Israel...posting fake pictures...this is really starting to look like a satanic blood letting ritual...