Detroit police kill 7 year old with flash bomb while taping t.v. episode

I had always instinctively felt that the T.V show "Cops" and those like it were degrading to humanity. Since getting arrested can be quite a stressful experience, and the police know this, I think its really messed up to add cameras and spotlights to draw the whole neighborhoods attention. Another thing is that they never show anybody being arrested for any high $ crimes like extortion or bribery or fraud, making it seem like the only crimes being committed are by drug dealers, drunks, or drama queens. After hearing about this latest killing of a seven year old girl during a police raid that was being filmed for a show called "First 48" in Detroit I can see even better why using criminal investigations for entertainment is truly a morbid act.

Everybody who has stood in front of a camera knows that when you do its as if all of the eyes of everybody who is ever going to watch the tape are on you at that exact moment. This will cause you to step your game up or choke under the pressure. So now think about what these cops must be going through. Already under the stress caused by having to arrest somebody imagine how much more is put on them because they are under the spot light. Can anybody really say that it doesn't affect the cops performance? Of course it does.

We all know what sells T.V. shows and its not scenes where a Cop politely knocks on a door and calmly asks some investigative questions. NO! Its scenes where cops are busting through doors, mowing down people with their cars, or perhaps tasering somebody. BLOOD AND CUSS WORDS are what sell cop shows. Beat downs and car chases get sponsers. So naturally as the stars of these shows the COPS involved are going to dramatize these events. In this case in detroit where Aiyana Jones was murdered the cops involved did exactly just that. Throwing a flash bang into somebodies house seems a bit over the top especially when the front door was open and their are kids knowingly in the house. Then firing a gun when they have not even been threatened with harm. This is criminal negligence and the presence of these cameras onsite needs to be looked at seriously.

Cops already have issues with their self esteem. Seems like they are always trying to show you who is boss while they huff and puff and stick their chest out making sure that they don't look like a pussy. Can you imagine how much this is increased when they think that their entire unit will be watching them on T.V. I think we are giving way to much credit to the people involved with these shows, that by the way are making boatloads of money, by believing they are able to give a balance report or that their program's agenda is not in any way perverting justice. This is totally naive.