humanity walks in through the door. dirt follows his footsteps. a cat peeks out of the bath room. bag falls to the ground. heavy breathing. humanity walks into the kitchen and pours himself a glass of water. the house remains lightless. paint stains the glass. humanity closes his eyes. the sound of metal smashing along echoes. adrenaline is absorbed. the yard was wide open. he takes a drink and some dried sweat finds its way into his mouth. it tastes like victory!!!!

-practice makes perfect

mechanically sepaWHATTTTTTT!!!!!

Yo big fuking shot out to that dude FOGATRON for coming through with the ill shit.....just think about this video the next you snap into a slim jim....

MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!! now go kill yourself

faith is a shortcut to knowledge---from ayn rands book VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS

AH yes the season of stealing, consuming, greed, embarresment, lies, phony christians, obnoxious lawn deco, and SANTA GETTING BUSTED FOR CHILD PORN. Yeah you could pretty much say im sick and tired of all this holiday bullshit…You know if you believe in GOD and Jesus is his son and you feel good about buying cheap ass toys made by underpaid overworked folks from communist countries that is your right…BUT Im really over people who dont BELIEVE IN JESUS pretending like its all good that they celebrate his BDAY!!! ITS JUST TRADTION is what they say!!! They also say to them it has nothing to do with Jesus??? This philosophical back flip through a flaming hoop of rationality always amazes me. That’s like putting a costume on and decorating your house on Oct 31 and saying that your not celebrating Halloween???? Just tradition?? Well you know it was once tradition to burn witches at the stake, WHY DON’T YOU PRACTICE THAT??? NO OF COURSE NOT!!! BECAUSE ITS STUPID!!! Folks will also say that they are atheist and don’t even believe in god and to them CHRISTmas to them has nothing to do with Jesus CHRIST…ITS DOESN’T???? Only his name is just in the days title!!!! COME ON NOW!!!

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with celebrating FAMILY, or GIVING PRESENTS but if your not down with the Religion that started the day don’t keep on pushing it along by practicing its tradition. FIND ANOTHER DAY!!! MAKE ONE UP!!! I mean that’s all these god fearing kooks did in the first place!!! Christians did not make up the idea of giving or being with family, but if we continue to only practice these on their reserved days then they will continue to be able have a monopoly on them and this is complete bullshit. If were ever going to reinstate reason in our species going along with this superficial tradition is not the way to do it. So too all my atheist CHRISTMAS elves out there..while your at the mall buying some presents just remember all the people who have been murdered in Christianities name , just think about all the priests who have used it as a cloak while they molested children, REMEMBER about all of the people who were outcast by their families because their CULT doesn’t agree with their sexual preference just remember all these things then WRAP UP THAT PRESENT real nice and tight…put a big puffy ribbon on that present and WISH YOURSELF ANOTHER MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!!


Nuclear catastrophe creeping up and crawling through my window. Who would have known I just cracked it a bit to let the plants grow. Strangled by unnaturally large amounts of radiation. Carceogenic inhalation. Cause the black clouds being coughed out by these busses are no hallucination. Neither are the space stations being built to hold the rich. When the poor earth is killed. Milked. Sucked dry by a species of humans getting high off constantly consuming. Crazy thing is most the time folks don’t even know that’s what their doing. Spending all day at the mall even though we aint got shit. Tricked into feeling rich by these life size advertisments. Advertising sex and social classes. Mental lashes from the whips of the fascists for fashion is just another facet to control the masses sense of individuality. For you can live your whole life in the wrong and still feel like you belong . Just as long as you clean clothes on. Just make sure that they aint wrinkled. For that will surely blow your cover. Like under cover lovers getting the sheets pulled off using cologne to cover the smell. Of all these bodies burning in hell pretending all is well. Even though we live in the shadows of falling bomb shells. Sheltering ourselves from the sun. Substituting the tv for our source of light. Our source of wisdom to tell us whats wrong with whats right. Silencing insite. Subliminal message introvienously injected into the eyes of young eating bowls of tricks. Whose artifical colors were tested on the eyes of silly rabbits. And outside the labratories piles of their bodies burn. This aint gonna hurt but its sure gonna burn. Becoming ashes in the urn.

Turn around don’t look at the flash of light in the sky. They earth has become a nuclear bomb test site and the end is going to be here before you have a chance to write it down on your roman calander. Melting off of the walls I never imagined the pain could feel so good. Fucked up thing is it doesn’t. And we wasn’t. Bound to live our lives based on a clock. Its that hourly based crack rock that being sold on these suburban blocks. Wrapped up in a shiney 401k. With excellent medical benefits that only benefit if you if your sick. Fucking the natural cycle of sleep you definantly will be. No time to dream so when shall we. Seal the seams of the brain the burst under the stress of unconscious breath. Caught up in this concrete net. Spread across the land to capture the wild and turn them into pets that better entertain or face the consequence. Sit stay speak fetch. Good god all these fasauds meant to massage the presidents penis. Cause his wifes a bitch and his lifes a rich mans dream. Staring back at through the telescreen. Amongst the violence and screams. Promising us silence and serenity so long as we keep sending our sons off to war. Saying its nothing more than a world tour. A chance to even the score with your natural born enemy. And soar to heights never imagined. But I imagine its nothing more than another fairy tale bed time story. Jumping out of my window and into my neighbors. Around her neck she wears a crucified savior. Franticly searching through her room cause she cant remember where she placed her menstral cycle of birth and death. Only to find it sucking from her breast. Wearing a guess diaper and a baby pair of nike cortez. With wires poking out of its cerebral cortex. Swirling through this social vortex. With no one to blame and no where to turn. It aint gonna hurt but its sure gonna burn. Becoming ashes in the urn.