Yo Jim Marrs is the man!!! Dude be puttin it down for all conspiracy theorists out here in the galaxy. I just got done reading his books RULE BY SECRECY. If you had a feeling that there were some back room deals going down so that global government could be put into effect this book will only solidify your concern.

From the trilateral commission to the bilderbergers to the masons to the hashasins to the thule society to the knights Templar to the Christians to the pharoes to the sumerians Jim exhibits a great deal of knowledge of the writings, workings and histories of a these clicks of people. He is also very good at making sure to include lists of people included in each one of the groups and in doing so showing how many of the groups are tied together. Its amazing to see how many different fraternities one person could belong to. And how few fraternities it takes to run the world!!!

And even as impressive as these lists of folks are today the Hegelian dialect is boring. Everybody is hip to problem, reaction, solution tricks. We want something deeper then this. Something before that. The brain of that..and this information is what Jim has....

Jim breaks down many powerful secret societies all the way back to the annunnaki of Sumeria. Before reading this book I didn't really know much about the Sumerians, which is odd because of all the contributions that they gave to life as i know it,, the wheel, writing etc.., However now that I do know my world view has been put to the test. Its to easy to sit around and think that were at the pinnacle of our evolution and more advanced then every before as a species, because mostly everybody around us thinks the same thing. This is definitely whats being told to the kids in school. But really are we???

The Sumerians tablets are from 5000 years ago. They speak about technology that we are being told is just becoming available today. Dna manipulation. Space Flight. Atomic weapons. How can this be?? Has modern man just come to realize what our ancestors envisioned or has history been written so as to make us believe that the folks who make these discoveries today are gods even though the technology is very old and was kept away in secret?

If there was a civilization that used machines on earth we would find the evidence right? There could be no way for this evidence to be destroyed or hidden from us in an effort to rewrite history..or could there be a way? This seems impossible due to the amount of secrecy that would have to have taken place but yo for reals, if anybody is gonna make you question that possibility ol Jimmy Marrs gots you!!!


The rewriting of history is a major theme throughout the book. So much of history is complete speculation because when it comes down to it nobody was there. we depend on artifacts and peoples testimony. Jim sheds lights on to many different times in history when these artifacts went missing along with whole groups of people and the sinister of groups of people who orchestrated the wars, revolutions, acts of genocide and trade agreements that were responsible for their disappearing from the face of the planet.

Could there have been a great flood? At least one in the cradle of civilization that would have destroyed this evidence of a technologically advanced society. Did global warming cause that????

According to Jims research the sumerians wrote that the Annunaki came here to mine gold to shoot up into their planets atmosphere to fix what they had broken...listen to this guy and tell me if it sounds familiar..

really though Jim just got me bugging the fuck out!!! and i could not thank him enough for his penning this conspiratorial masterpiece.

The Phantom Artist

Yo joey krebs has mad word play...and im not mad at fact im hella pumped on the dude...the man is coming at you in so many different ways im not surprised why he is known as the Phantom Artist...from the streets to the airwaves to the gallaries to the net the dude is well pronounced...pushing the envelopes of free thinking and fearlessness he is doing great things in educating the poppy crazed art freaks of todays circus we call life.

check out this link here to one of his latest succesful attempts to be a big brother to the art culture and stand up to the biters trying to steal the fire!!!

yeah he also gives a shout out to the hambloggger man and thats whats up....Joey if your listening....get at me for an interview!!!!!!!!


think about it...where did aids come from...when did it appear...1930s???? how did this happen...are vaccines safe??? do we know all of the effects of injecting foreign DNA into our bodies??? how long would it take to see the side effects???

now im not saying that aids was made spefically to kill any group of folks but could it have accidentaly been made while trying to come up with a live virus polio vaccine??? why does it seem that modern science is ok with just no being really all that sure about the orgins of wasnt that long ago that it started!!!! there is evidence!!! watch the video and think about it!!!!!

could this be why we have a national vaccine injury fund making it impossible to sue the vaccine makers?? THE HAMBLOGGGERMAN SAYS WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! MYSELF INCLUDED...