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Conspiracy theories are an atrempt to grasp the "big picture" of history.
"We believe that many of the major world events that ate shaping
destinies occur because somebody or somebodies have planned them that
way," mused conservative author Gary Allen. "If we were merely dealing
with the law of averages, half of the events affecting our nation's wellbeing
should be good for America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence,
our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor. . ..
We are not really dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning
and brilliance."

from the book Rule By Secrecy---Jim Marrs

is it USAMA or OSAMA????

can somebody please tell me why the FBI does not list the planning of 9/11 on their reasons why they want USAMA...PLEASE...this picture was taken from know that good old FBI.GOV website....


I cant say much for MR. REVOK on a personal level because I dont know him but as a fan of graffiti I can say that REVOK is pretty much fucking dope as hell.(I did see him suplex a bouncer at PAINT LOUIS back in the day though, that was pretty cool) Growing up I was awe strucken by the magnitude of work that he was putting in. His art has inspired me greatly.

In fact finding REVOK's
blog earlier this year is what inspired me to get the hambloggger up and start doing some of my own commenting on the world wide web. (I know im a bit late since it seems like hes already has his shit jumping off for a couple years now, but the rock I was living under was really heavy and did not have electricity in it,anyways im glad to be out) The dude just does not seem to have any idea of what stopping means. Burner after burner after jumbo tag after burner, from the us to japan to a whole globe of other spots this dude really seems like he is having a hell of a good time.

His blog has actually become kind of like a guilty pleasure of mine. These days I rarely pull my eyes out of some literature about the GLOBAL ELITE or the FEDERAL RESERVE or something other that really has nothing to do with GRAFFITI and I feel good about this but sometimes I just gotta break out that maddness for a sec and see some graffilthy.. Here I find REVOKs site perfect. Its not that there isnt any type of political commentary that comes from his site, cause sometimes there is and when its there Im like word REVOK speak on that (That post he did on police brutality was crucial..RIP OSCAR GRANT)..but for the most part dude seems to really just be sharing with us some of the coolest graff and other art from all over the world.

Im really just getting over the initial shock of realizing how much graffiti has come to be a normal part of life. I know you still get in trouble if you get caught and im sure there are still pigs building files but shit i mean come on REVOK has a muthafuckin blog. Yeah im still not over the strangeness of the situation but whatever the world is a strange place and you can either sit in the highway and get ran over or you can find a cool spot on the side to do piece and be like word fuck yeah, that shit is hot!!!

Anyways REVOK is a dope artist and like I said he inspired me to the hambloggger man pushing out my theories. Im pumped to see what next level shit he is about to start pulling off. Im thinking its gonna be big. I cant wait tillthe autobiography comes out. im already knowing that shit is gonna be comedy and drama. So stay up REVOK keep doing the damn thing...the world is watching..

TSA strip searches child

this video is just about ridiculous. Really making a kid take his shirt off to see if he has a bomb strapped to him. how do this TSA workers take themselves serious, how do they go home and look in the mirror and not be ashamed. The logic of all this new security at the airport is at level 0 and is very reflective of an agency that uses mascots in their videos that show you how to be prepared before you get to the checkpoint. the social engineers laugh as they watch these videos get posted up. they probably masturbate to them. the obedience thermometer gets shoved deeper up the public's ass and we just keep paying our taxes. Like the terrorists cant just rent a private plane and fill it full of bombs. How are they gonna stop that!!!! In fact thats all that this type of activity is going to promote..maybe then it will just become illegal to have a private plane...I mean people with private planes must be rich and being rich is not a sign of sacrificing your self for society and only evil people dont do that!!! RIGHT??????

now im sure the father to this kid had some really important place to go and just couldnt miss his flight, but DAMNIT man there has to be some point at which you say NO. Fuck no my kid aint taking his shirt off, fuck no you cant touch him, fuck no i dont care if you kick my ass out this airport. What ever happend to causing a good ole fashion scence!!! You know like maybe getting loud..calling them out on their bullshit..this kid is gonna grow up thinking this is all right unless as a father you tell him HELL NO its not ok for somebody to make you get naked to make sure that everybody else is safe.

heres a glimpse into what we can all get ready for..Im so excited I think im gonna puke...just the thought of having somebody look up my ass send tingles up my back..