jesus was born today..

well at least this is how the story goes. however I have been asking everybody I know if they can show me where it says that jesus was born today. so far nobody has been able to show me. Of course they say its in the bible so I ask them where in the bible and I usually get one of those looks like "is this guy trying to make me look stupid?" kinda looks. The answer is no Im not trying to make anybody look stupid I just want to know why in the fuck everybody believes this!!! Ive read the bible and no where in it does it say that december 25th was the day. Now I know why everybody believes it. Thats because the PRIEST told them. Or at least hinted to in some sermon. The truth is the priests dont have to be specific about it because of all the other social constructs in our every day do the rest. All the lights and decorations and everybody saying merry christmas reinstates the belief in peoples mind.

This is cause for concern. We have come to be so psychologically malleable that hard evidence is no longer necessary for us to accept something as being true. All that we need is the right people, in the right positions, to say the right things and we will swallow it all hook line and sinker. We dont ever have to actually read the passage from the bible that says that this is the day Jesus was born and we will still go along with it. I MEAN EVERYBODY ELSE BELIEVES IT certainly it must be in there!!! RIGHT???? RIGHT???? this is where I say please show me.

So say Im wrong and it does say it in the bible. The fact that people dont know where it is in the bible and still go along with it is evidence that FAITH is at hand. IT is a very powerful tool and thats why the social engineers exploit it every chance they get. I know from personal experience that this is not healthy. I recall the times that I have been talking to people and in an attempt to show my credibility on a certain subject I reference what Ive heard somebody else (who I perceive to be smart) say. Not something that Ive heard somebody else say and then went and did my own research and found to be true, NO just something that somebody said. Then the person who Im talking to asks me to provide evidence or maybe just elaborate on my opinion and Im standing there looking like a dip shit. BECAUSE FAITH did not provide any foundation. It did not require research therefor I can not offer anything else expect for a concept that I lifted off somebody else and regurgitated as if it were my own. YEAH I DONT LIKE THAT FEELING, SO I DONT TAKE THINGS ON FAITH. Sure I might say, WELL I HEARD THIS GUY SAY, OR WELL THIS LADY SAID THIS but unless I can really get into the flesh of the matter with personal research ive pretty much learned to just shut the fuck up and listen because the way I felt in those situations was SHALLOW. HALLOW.UnEDUCATEd. POSER LIKE.

After reading THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS i started to really think about the ill effects that this type of behavior can have on the quality of ones life. When one circumvents the mind by accepting things on faith essentially one is telling their mind to GET LOST and that ones mind IS REALLY NOT THAT NECESSARY. Basically that one can just LISTEN TO THEIR HEART aka FAITH and by some virtuistic mysticism the truth will shine its lights onto ones lucky ass and everything will be all good. THIS TYPE OF PHILOSOPHY basically castrates ones SOURCE Of WILL and sets one off in a direction of continual dependence on some outside influence to validate ones own existence. In this STATE OF MIND if GOD does not recognize you then you aint shit. This completely disregards the fact that each one is GOD. That were at the same time the center and outermost part of eternity. There is nothing else expect for oneself therefor a muthafucker acting in this manner will surly be waiting around forever before they are able to realize their own life is happening right now, right here. Now this is the grimy part. The amount of time that one is controlled by another is the same amount of time that one allows themselves to be controlled by that certain other. Like my man NATE says "If you dont control your mind, somebody else will" There is no in between here. You either RIDE or you DIE!!

Nobody else is going to try and control your mind for a good reason. The only reason somebody tries to control somebody elses mind is to benefit their own agenda. To make a slave. Alot of people may disagree with this. Saying shit like well sometimes people are to stupid to make up their minds, people are too careless to control their own destinies. This is the philosophy of the tyrant. He is not a friend. A friend would take the necessary steps to teach you if they thought that you having a certain knowledge was in your best interest. This is altruistic nonsense. It is the iron fist with wearing a velvet glove.


Yo I would really not be keeping it true if i didnt at this point in space send a super phat lazer beam shot out to that dude OSAL8. This guy has been holding the dubstep down here in my town for a long while now...Constantly at the spot giggin behind the hardware spreading massive amounts of bass love, and if he aint at work you know your gonna see him on the dance floor or up in the smokers lounge keeping it cool as hell.....I really dont think that he plans on letting up any time soon so if you dont wanna groove stay the fuck up off the dance floor when this doctor of grime is the building!!!

Ere We Come by osal8

FDR was a socialist pig!!!!

think this cant happen...think again.....


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Is there no bottom to the well of our morals.
will we be in a state of drying up forever.
sinking into the forgotten..
forgetting how to swim.
progam...beep beep..beep..