Shepard Fairey...voted this Years posterboy of Generataion Apathy Worm Feces.

So did yall see the new Shepard "yankee hipster" Fairey mural. Well if you thought that he had reached his limits of hypocritical, contextually empty, intellectually challenged better think again. Of course ts hard to take the work of such a sucka ass douchbag biter serious, but hey its a full moon, the kids asleep and I got a few minutes to WASTE so I figure what the hell.
I will give Shepard some credit here. He is a superstar when it comes to being a poster boy for a Generation Apathetic of worms who have had their souls gangbanged by hollywood.  He knows his audience and he plays them like a bunch of school girls. And if his audience can not detect this new painting to be a steaming pile of bullshit, then Im afraid they may not be much smarter then the urinals in a school girls bathroom. I mean what the fuck is he trying to say here.  Is this an exercise in absolute genericicism?


 Just exactly what Peace are you talking about Mr. Shepard Foney? The peace that you were calling for when you were supporting the UN bombing of Libya? Or maybe you mean the empty kind of "Peace" like that of  the Nobel Peace prize that was given to Barack "Drone Bomb the Shit out your thirld world country" Obama. Yeah you know the guy who you did that "Hope" poster for. The guy that has ended up pushing the war efforts on for another 4+ years. Come on you know your buddy Obama who has increased by 5 fold (compared to bush) the Drone Bombings in countries that we are not even in a declared war with. Bombings that have maimed countless of young innocent people,yet you can not find the time to come out and criticize his policies? I mean if you want peace why not speak out on those who propogate the havoc? 

and then there is the JUSTICE part??? but what is it exactly that you are calling for? The kind of justice that is being given to all the Medical Marijuana growers who are being targeted by the Obama administrations DOJ? Havent heard you speak out on this? Or maybe you mean the type of justice that was given to the american citizen 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi who was hit by a missile from a drone plane, while him and his cousin were barbecuing. Wait he never got a trial so I guess that wouldn't be justice.  How bout speaking up on the N.D.A.A. which works to steal peoples right to a trial by jury, any thoughts on that Sheppy boy?  Maybe he meant to write "Justus" as a way to give a shot out to all his crony capitalista homies up at the MOCA?

But before I get lost in my own sarcasm let me take a step back and #keepithundy for yall. See I dont think Shepard "people only like me because i make them money" Fairey really cares about peace or that he really wants "justice". If he wanted Peace  why did he stick up for Jeffery Deitch when he had Blu's anti-war mural buffed out? If he wanted peace he would have by now made an honest attempt to criticize Obama and Co. for all of their war crimes. And as far as justice....NO WAY SHEP WANTS JUSTICE. After the two years of probation that he got for stealing that AP pic to make the "Hope" poster, and the ass whipping he took in Denmark, and his wife pulling his bitch ass card, I dont thnk he could handle much more justice.

 yet an even sweeter, more perfect Justice would mean that everybody who is wearing a OBEY shirt would all the sudden realize they were contributing to the delinquency of a habitual plagiarizer. They would suddenly be struck by the reality that Shep completely bites peoples art, never mentioned the original artist, and in the end reaped huge profits off of his audiences ignorance, and in this moment of clarity all of his teenybopper fans would realize their own self worth and burn every shirt, poster, sticker that has any of this heathens work on it. THAT WOULD BE JUSTICE.

But then again he could just take up El Fatom on challenge to a duel in steel cage???...I think there would be some justice in that too.