The bitch ass govenator is summoning satan at the bohemian grove

Good ole arnie...keeping true to his roots of satanic allegiance and huffing and sucking. We already know whats going on up in the grove why are these guys fronting?? Oh to be a fly on one of the bath houses up at the grove I wonder what type of evil plans would be heard over the moans of homoerotic pleasures. These human devils are pathetic scum bags who have to hire piece of shit publications like the press to try to white wash the "Mixing their revelry and weird rituals with serious issues". This is some straight up garbage. The perverts are up in the grove doing mock sacrifices ( a representation of the millions that die to their war machines) and the public is supposed to think it a family affair. Hamburger aint buying it.

And look at arnie with his pretty nazi belt on. This guy is my governor. Shittttt!!!! you think I would let him watch my kids. Dude is a narcissistic racist piece of shit. Fuck you arnie. Get a real job you arrogant prick.