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Blacklisted and Banned and still WINNING! aka. EATING THE HAND THAT FEEDS

     In war it is the relentless that win. This is the X factor. To stay focused and steady. To outlast the will of your opponent. This is what wins wars. In the style wars of today it is they who are relentless in their defiance of limitations that WIN. Those who do not bite ,WIN.  Those who speak against these crimes of plagiary and arrested states of INTELLIGENCE are the ones that are WINNING.   To achieve virtue is to be WINNING. By showing a relentless pursuit for dialogue, debate and weirdness THE PHANTOM STREET ARTIST is winning for sure.

     From the get go THE PHANTOM STREET ARTIST has been one of the most OUTSPOKEN critics of the recent STREET ART show at MOCA and not without good reason.  There was obvious conflict of interest because of Dietch's/Gastman's portfolio interests.  BLU'S mural gettting buffed was a major indication that something wasn't right. Then there was the whole ELI BROAD-MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX/SOCIAL ENGINEERING aspect of the show. THE PHANTOM aka EL FATOM wrote multiple articles,reviews, interviews and preformed in a BUTOH dance party, in an effort to spark debate and shed light onto these TABOO topics. Touching upon all of these subjects with one sentence he says "Their attempt to survey a broad historical movement offers us a lens that is distorted through acts of censorship as well as by sophomoric omissions from both the exhibition’s timelines and its roster of artists. They attempt to fabricate fictitious histories of Graffiti’s true logos without conveying transparency and integrity, and all the while concealing conflicts of interest."
      Lucky for us EL FATOM HAS NOT STOPPED!! Over the last month he has had a show running in Portland titled BLACKLISTED AND BANNED. In it he is calling attention once again to the MOCA show and ,in my opinion has taken the dialogue to a whole nother level.

     In these continued efforts to expose the ills of this show, and most importantly the fraternization/wall street ideologies that were driving  the curatorial decisions which led to censorship and elitism THE PHANTOM STREET ARTIST has employed many techniques.  Putting on the hat of the poet he has recently dropped this POETIC jam entitled YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT ART IS. (If your in Portland on July 30th check out the live version)

      By not letting up on these important issues EL FATOM invokes a spirit of integrity. By employing new means of communication, via PAINT and POETRY, he reminds us that these issues of CENSORSHIP, MIND CONTROL, RACISM, SEXISM and ISISM are all to real to forget about. This APATHETIC forgetfulness has become instinct as we take on the role of a  LOBOTOMIZED MOB OF ZOMBIES robbed of THEIR TRUE HISTORY.  If allowed to operate on these levels of censorship and still be trusted as a source of artistic leadership, DIETCH and COMPANY could potentially rewrite/writeout anything/anyone that they do not feel jives with their agenda of PROFIT/PLEASURE.

    The Hambloggger Man thinks it to be PRETTY DAMN COOL that this show was thrown in PORTLAND. This show needs to be taken all over the country and world.  MOCA'S despicable actions of hatred towards PEACE, CONSCIOUSNESS and ART should be exposed and never forgotten about. The people involved should be held accountable and understood to be the enemies of FREE THINKING that they have positioned themselves to be. In this sense the theme behind BLACKLISTED and BANNED is immortal and will gain precedence as time goes on and the truth is revealed.  This story will undoubtedly be used to teach many generations to come.

WHITEOUT: Butoh for BLU from James Knight on Vimeo.