Ron Paul and the American Awakening

"He is the real deal and consistent. He has the most experience and wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The man is the American Dream. He was worked on a dairy farm with his family, went to college, went to medical school, served or country, had a medical practice, and finally ended up in politics. He is not the typical privileged son with a Harvard Law degree. We all better wake up..."

I saw this comment on a website today and it made me ask myself some questions.

Is this why Ron is hated? Because he represents what we are all raised to strive for? Hard work, success, family and TRUE patriotism, are these not the qualities that the American Dream implies? Is Ron Paul a reminder to American's that the dream is attainable, and thus a reason not to give up and succumb to the forces of socialism that the controller's have in mind for us? Just exactly how important is this Ron Paul guy anyway?

In a culture like ours, which is largely raised by celebrity role models, Ron Paul is a r3VOLution. It's not just his words, but rather he HIMSELF, his life, the sum total of his actions that strike a blow against the status quo. Ron Paul is the TREASURE MAP. A treasure that is buried within each one of us. He may not be the only map in existence, but given the current state of our collective consciousness and its decline due to the breaking up of the family unit coupled with celebrity worship, Ron Paul's contribution to helping humanity find itself is truly invaluable. I believe this is why he is hated?

Ron Paul's life is one that every American can celebrate. A life that illuminates the Humanity that is the Free Market, and through his intellectual prowess he proves the fallacies in the Socialist Utopia of government regulation. Ron Paul is a reminder that one can, and must work to uphold the Law, just as much as one must work to restrain the Law. The LAW that protects personal property and liberties that belong to all people, equally. Again I'm reminded that while his life is not the only one to be celebrated in this manner, in a culture wounded by its shortsightedness and forgotten history, Ron Paul is a metaphysical lighthouse. Seems like a pretty bad reason to hate somebody, but this does not stop many from doing so.

Ron Paul is a reminder to all people that the government cannot save people from themselves and this scares people who have become dependent. Ron Paul is a reminder to all people that it is up themselves to make of life, what life will be, and this scares people who have lost their confidence. Ron Paul is a bucket of cold sobering water and this scares a people who find comfort in being asleep. And while some may fear and thus hate him for these reasons, there are those of us who LOV3 him for these same reasons. For to us Ron Paul is more then just an embodiment of the American Dream. Ron Paul is also the embodiment of the American Awakening.

RON PAUL 2012...and Beyond!