The Dick wants smaller clips

How fukin ironic is this shit. Cheney that lying scum bag heartless piece of shit thinks we should have smaller clips.

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And this would stop people from carrying around multiple clip how???? Dick Cheney is no fool and dont give a fuck about you. Him and his folks are bent on controlling the world OF COURSE they want to disarm the people. Americans, africans, afghanis, EVERYBODY. HE IS A TYRANT that orders people to be torchered.

GUN LAWS look at it like this. Remember that guy Major Hasan that shot 43 people last year at Fort Hood. OK will they did not allow guns at Fort Hood. Had this not been the case there is no way that he would have been able to get that many shots off. And fuck the small clips HE HAD MULTIPLE GUNS. When you take away peoples right to have a gun you essentially turn them into one of these helpless soldiers. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THIS TO SOMEBODY??? Taking away the right for somebody to be able to defend themselves is essentially like signing the death warrant.

Whats funny is that I bet alot of people who against people having the right to own guns are also against the death penalty.


serial killers on the dating game!!! what a match made in hell!!!


HEY HOW BOUT THIS???? FUCK YOU OBAMA. Your such a bitch ass punk thinking your fresh reading off that teleprompter. Your phony ass would not last a second in the streets. You wreak of weakness. What kind of man needs other people to write his speeches for him?? You said you were gonna close gitmo..NOTHING. end the wars..NOTHING.. Your a lying ass piece of shit that doesnt deserve any respect so none I shall give you.

You think its funny that people are having to have thier kids get stripped searched at the airport. You think its funny that people being humiliated daily by the TSA. You think its funny people are having naked pictures taken of them and their family. YEAH REAL FUCKING FUNNY YOU MANICAL, SCOUNDREL, RODENT OF A MAN. Really though you are not fooling anybody. We all see your broken spirt through that phony ass smile of yours. How many times do you practice that in the mirror everyday??? 20-25 times a day??? Doesnt matter it still sucks!!!

He acts like there are only TSA at the airports. So once we get these alternative methods of travel in place you wont need to worry about those pesky molestations/patdowns. Well what about this obamba?????

-you can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool all the people all the time.
-B. Marley


news people crack me up the for real. The gestures that they make are so exaggerated. It must be a trip to think that you are the source of other peoples explanation for why crazy shit is going on in the world.


My suspicions are ever growing that the social engineers that work at the pentagon are continually infiltrating our daily lives. By placing agents within the positions of society which shape the thoughts of culture they can often lead the herd without ever being noticed. The obedience that they get from the human herd would usually take brute force and war but is now done through sophisticated methods of mind control.

In this article from OBEY.COM Shep takes his position at the table and argues on why me being able to own a HANDGUN is bad for society. Well he doesnt call me out by name but asserts that the right for anybody to own a handgun is obscene and that we have totally misused the 2nd amendment. According to SHEP "The wisdom of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that a state militia could combat dictatorial oppression. I would assert that putting easily concealed handguns in the hands of a large portion of the civilian population was probably not what the founding fathers had in mind." I wonder what he thinks of this video???

Shepard goes on to say that he was taught to value HUMAN LIFE and thats why he's cool with shotguns????????? but that "Hand guns are too easy to misuse." SOUNDS LIKE SOME SCURRRY ASS SHIT TO ME!!! They are also easy to use and thats why they are so effective. Calling for the disarming of the population is such fantasy land, utopia bullshit. Just for the simple fact that you will never be able to rid the guns from the hands of the people who will misuse them (CRIMINALS) makes it unsafe to rid them from the hands of the people who WONT misuse them. If its not a TYRANNICAL government that the people are faced with then it will probably be some piece of shit junkie coming to get your shit. OR WORSE COMING TO RAPE YOUR DAUGHTER.. you know the type of shit that happens everyday.

Shepard or who ever is writing this shit up at OBEY seem to love to speak in paradox's and pull the goooood ole double speak juke on the unsuspecting audience. First he says "I began this print before the recent shootings in Arizona inspired by Nevada Tea Party nut job Sharron Angle’s comment that “if congress keeps going this way, people are looking for 2nd Amendment remedies" but then goes on to say "I’m not blaming violent rhetoric for the shootings committed by a mentally ill man". I do have to give it to him though, he stays consistent in his position directly on top of the fence?????

C.I.A. Drones causing mental disease

The pharmaceutical companies are loving this. Imagine drones flying around your neighborhood shooting missiles at people. PTSD FOR SURE!! Apparently the identity of the murdered was not that important because the article cant provide it. The important thing is that people were killed. Any further questions and you will go on a no fly list.
Nine killed in three drone attacks in NWA

Monday, January 24, 2011

By Malik Mumtaz Khan
MIRAMSHAH: Unmanned US spy aircraft carried out three more missile strikes in the North Waziristan Agency on Sunday, killing nine people. Some reports said that at least 13 militants were killed in SundayĆ­s drone attacks.

Tribal sources said the drones in the morning fired two missiles, striking a car carrying three people in Donga Madakhel village in Dattakhel Tehsil. They said the three men travelling in the car were killed in the attack and their bodies were mutilated beyond recognition.

In another attack, a drone fired two more missiles and hit a motorcycle in the same area, killing two people. In the third attack, a CIA-operated drone hit a car in Dindarga village near Gharyum area of Razmak Tehsil, killing four people.

The sources said in the first attack, the drone had fired two missiles at a moving car near North Waziristan’s boundary with South Waziristan. There were no details about the identity of those killed.

It was the 10th attack by the US drones in North Waziristan since the start of the year 2011. On the other hand, tribesmen continued their protest against the frequent missile attacks by the US drones in North Waziristan.

After Miramshah, which is the main town of North Waziristan and where hundreds of tribesmen had staged a protest on Friday, hundreds of people on Sunday held a huge rally in Mir Ali, the second biggest town of the restive tribal region.

The tribesmen kept their businesses closed and staged a protest on the main Mir Ali-Miramshah Road. They chanted slogans against US President Barack Obama and CIA officials and held them responsible for civilian deaths.

They condemned the drone attacks and killing of innocent people and asked the United Nations and major world powers to take note of the suffering of tribesmen in North Waziristan. The protesters complained that the drone attacks had been promoting militancy and violence in the tribal areas. They also said that a large number of tribesmen were suffering from different mental disorders due to the climate of fear created by the drone strikes.