Is anybody surprised by today's headlines that "Libyan Rebels Loot Hospitals and beat Civilians"? Of course most articles that I've read, spin it so that the Rebels are made out to be the victims who have no choice in their fight against Gaddafi. This Human Rights Watch article caused the commotion stating they saw the Rebels loading the stolen goods onto their trucks and that houses continued to be burned. Human Rights Watch seems to have set the apologetic tone that so many of the articles of today expressed. 

One unapologetic article that I came across was from Black Star News entitled "Evidence:NATO-backed Libya "Rebels" are clearly terrorists". The author is surely not surprised by these acts of brutality and says that the Rebels really have know choice and that "They know that their only path to power is by the barrel of the gun and NATO bombings; in other words, through terror." Of course it is. They go on to say "NATO  should immediately halt the illegal bombardment of Libya. Rather than  protecting Libyans, NATO has spread the war throughout the country" and that "NATO should compensate Libya for the deaths of civilians, and for the damage and destruction caused." Now that sounds like a damn fine idea to me!!

This is the fruit of war. Anybody who is surprised by this is naive. The Human Rights article also says that they have documented Gaddafi forces using landmines. This may be true and is also another one of the poisonous fruits of war. The only choice here is to end the WAR. Actually the only choice was to never start in the first place. Many peoples lives have already been ruined by this, many taken so they will not be around for this SECOND, just as important choice. END THE INHUMANITY. 

Obama and Company sit around talking about how they are concerned about the DEBT but still continue to dump billions of dollars into CONTINUOUS BOMB DROPPING. There is no way to take these people seriously. Not them or their PUBLIC RELATIONS media outlets that work to manipulate the minds of the people can be trusted in the least bit. How people still to this day drive around with an OBAMA sticker on their car is beyond me. The man orders drone planes to kill people in PAKISTAN and people cheer him on. This is disgusting.