your property is temporary and the constant target of others will.

you will take nothing to the grave..

sooner or later it will all be gone.

Growing up Adek was killing the streets in my town. I mean killing them. This is a good 15 years ago. Today he still runs shit. I met him once sitting in front of nordstroms tagging on some shit. we talked about the beach. he was cool and inspired me..i give props.

your property is a canvas. enjoy it while you can.

Worth a thousand words

dont be fooled by all the hype..
its all a game of black and white..
at the debates they pretend to fight...
but afterwards they party all night...
a PR campaign filled with shining lights...
of course your vote counts....SIKE!!!!!


Well we did it..hiked for humanity...drank delirium up at the pink!!! Burned the 9/11 comission up on the western coast....broke a bottle of champagne...ate a cactus apple...then went the Abstract Fest.....DAAAAMMMMMNNNNIIIITTTTTTT!!!! (no i didnt sneak in) This party was like for joking..this party was--well how can i put this....THIS PARTY WAS FUKIN DOPE AS FUCK!!!!!! For reals big ups to the folks who put this together...Both rooms were constantly jumping...The Bass was on point...grown everywhere having a blast...there was plenty of room to jump around and yall already know how the hambloggger man does it...thats right your boy was straight head banging for hours on end...but yo for reals..not playing at alll..that dude RUSKO....
Thats right the boy was on ffffffffiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!! Im not even joking...I had not had the pleasure of seeing him live and would not have been alive if I hadnt..the dude was mixing all his cuts...When he put them together in unison the way he did it made me really stop and appreciate the GENIUS that is known as RUSKO
!!!! For reals he had that rig shaking the entire west coast the other night....Plus he was on the mic giving hella shots out..YOU KNOW LIKE DJ's ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!no fronting there....Major Laser came through and crushed it right after him with a down right amazing set as well...I was not up on the Laser game but yo that set was those laser beams had me feeling like somebody might have dosed my water or some shit...hahaha...stage dancers, mc's yo the party was this is like 2:30 and more dubstep came in through the next room...barley able to stand up by now...i grabbed a water and got the dance floor again..This time EXISION was on the decks anddddd just when I thought my legs could not stand anymore my lungs filled with air, had a conversation with the new balance kicks, and your boy was up in the eeeeeerrrrrrr like yeahh....shit I barely even got a voice after this party...(which is all good cause im trying to get the 30 year old smokers raspy voice with out actually smoking)....for reals though do yourself a favor and punch yourself in the groin if you missed this show cause it was off the CCCCHHHAAAIIINN!!!