Get ready for the media pushed, non science based, fear mongering propaganda to start kicking in here as we approach the winter months and the "FLU SEASON". Much of this will be brought to you by your boy up at Rueters, Mr. Thomas Glocer.

This guy has positioned himself very well to make boats like of greenbacks, C.R.E.A.M., dinero, loot, euros, you know what Im sayin..COLD HARD CASH!!! and how is he going to do this you ask...

WELLL just check out Mr. Glocer's Bio. You will notice that he is Chief Executive @ Rueters, he is Director of Merck Pharmaceutical's, and he is a member of the Council on Foreign relations just to name a few. Now how could he be using his ties at these three organizations in order to make this loot????

Well Reuters is one of the largest new outlets today. Every year we seem them pumping stories out about how bad the flu's are going to be. How if you dont get the shots your gonna DIE..your family is going to be out a father, or mother, or brother, a sister. How that nasty HPV is going to attack your virgin 12 year old daughter. We see the stories about how safe the merck products are despite having a Pig Virus in them. Do you ever see them printing stories on alternative methods to staying healthy?? Are there any ways?? Just check this article here. PUSHING ALL TYPES OF DOPE onto the unsuspecting parents of kids going back to school. Notice how all those diseases that they are promoting can all be cured by the magical vaccines made by MERCK .

Now I'm not hating on folks making money. NOT ONE BIT. A man should have the ability to procure the means for taking taking care of his family. What I am against however is deceit. And thats exactly what we find up here at the good ol globalist think tank The Council on Foreign Relations . Just look at what this monsters are talking about when your not looking.

Ok so maybe you are peep this out...

we see here though Mr. Glocer is part of this evil alliance and he is out to get you...he wants your blood.. your loot...your mind...your kids...

I wonder if he gets the shots??????

Hike 4 Humanity=Kill your TV=Counter Media

YO YO!!!! What thiiizzzilling everybody!!!! Its bout to be cracking off this Saturday sept 11 2010....Were bout to get the second hike for humanity set in full motion...hiking from normal heights to seaport village...the theme is humanity and all its glory...peep the link

Its gonna be going down hugs!!!! free cds!!! free smiles!!! free humanity!!! and the homie Mix Master Whompenhiemer will be mixing tunes through out the journey!!! Gyeah thats right were gonna be dubstepin all the way there and hopefully sneak into the Rusko show after that!!! HAHAHA... Nah for reals though come join in the fun and bring a sign or a shirt or a smile....anything to let these streets of SD know that we are alive...were having fun...and we wont be held down by the fear tactics used to keep us indoors....the festivities are poppin off at noon so get up of your ass and DANCE!!!

Just look at how much fun we had on the last hike.

International bomb the terrorist day

Yo charlie...youve totally changed my mind...all this peace and love talk is so bout to give up this blogggin shit and join the army!!!!!



Whooping Cough

This article up at KPBS.ORG should be of no surprise by now. It would seem that 2 out of the 3 people in Cali who have gotten whooping cough were already fully vaccinated. HUH??? That means that you were more likely to get it if you got the shot then if you didn't. WHAT??? So why all the fuss about getting the shots.

The CDC says that this has nothing to do with vaccines not working and all to do with the virus mutating rendering the vaccine impotent.. (Excuse me but doesn't that mean the shot doesn't work????) According to the mental gymnasts working for the pharmaceutical companies this is not the case. If you just have faith they will come up with a new vaccine based on the mutated virus and then you ll be safe...

I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING NOW..wont the virus just mutate again????

Answer is yes that whats viruses do...mutate..and when you looks at these numbers you have to think to yourself that your chances would have been better off just never funking with the vaccine in the first place..FOR REALS!!

After reading through alot of comments on these types of articles it sounds like people are pissed because they believe that its the fault of the kids who weren't vaccinated that their vaccinated kids got sick???? (I still haven't been able to completely wrap my brain around this one so if you can help me it would be much appreciated, My thoughts are if your kid is vaccinated then they should be good right??) I read things like "Why do we let kids go to school without their shots"...NOW IF THAT AINT SOME SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA I DONT KNOW WHAT IS?? Allow kids to go to school???? FIrst off parents are made to send their kids to school...second parents (and every other tax payer) pay for kids to go to school..SO how anybody thinks that they should be able to dictate further the regulations placed on the Customers ( thats what we are, customers of the school) is beyond me. IF you don't agree with what the other people at the school believe DON'T SEND YOUR FUCKIN KIDS TO SCHOOL!!!! Quit trying to make everybody else believe what you do..

You know that's what I was always told growing up made this country so great...that people were allowed to their own beliefs....seems like that is becoming less important to some its all about being right and getting enough people to agree with you then trampling the rights of others...

If people really were confident that the vaccines worked they wouldn't depend on fascist scenarios in order to prove that...LIKE MANDATORY SHOTS for everybody or else no jobs, no school, no insurance...


Damn this dude has some crazy ass paintings. It would seem that burner after burner he is pulling off some mega dope styles. This is not the only reason why he is getting a shout out by HAMBLOGGGGGY. Reading into his bio was very refreshing. Right when I was starting to think that graff was becoming void of any deeper meaning then just peoples names (no hatred here) I was happy to find Mr. ASKEW1. Dude is hella thoughtful and in being so his works are thought provoking. His writings on the orgin of his style is some of the best stuff ive read all year. REAL TALK..

The all seeing eye is very prevalent in his works and in his blog at ASKEW1.COM he breaks it down for you. Now the all seeing eye should, in my opinion, be something that all graff writers are familiar with. Being that your constantly looking out for haters you come to realize that there are alot of people watching you other than just on the streets. You got cameras, alarms, dogs and a plethora of other entities out there just waiting to catch you slipping.

Yet it would seem that alot of graff today has simply turned into a game of who can get up the most and here in lies my fear that graff was losing something. When art stops commenting on the outside world its only a matter of time before the artist themselves becomes consumed. I know that the social engineers would love it if graffiti writers just stopped making social commentary and would stick only to their names because a name with out a face is easy to put away in jail, but an idea without a face is impossible to vanquish. In a sense graffiti will always be political because its is illegal. Its this illegality though that gives graff so much power. See when somebody sees something written on the wall and the person reading it knows that freedom was risked to convey the message they are going to automatically give it more attention, at least for a second.

Maybe im just getting old and grew up in a golden age but it seemed like back in the day thats what the productions were all about. Making some sort of comment on what was going on in the world and making it in a way that was separated from corporate sponsorship. Maybe thats part of the problem. Im not hating on folks making money, im hating on folks who let the money make them.

Whats really dope about his burners though are that alot of them are just up throw ups on roids. Like he was just doing some bubble letters and started tweeking them making up all three dee and shit.. SUPER TUFF.. His colors are outta control..His high lights are whats up though. Its cool to see a softball used in burners the way he do it..really something that no other medium can know what im saying...

So keep up the good work ASKEW. The Hambloggger Man has his eye on you and is super pumped up on the burners. Let these muthafuckas know what time it is!!!!