let the bodies hit the flizzzzoooorrrr

i am laughing. inside im crying.

this skit is comedy because of the soundtrack and the popularity of the song and its wide spread association with war and soilders just following orders.

its sad because the soldiers in the skit are just following orders. orders given to them to disassociate themselves with their rational minds. faith is not a shortcut. it is a deadend..


Its crazy really the way some folks go to jail for crimes and others dont. Seriously though. If somebody from THE HOOD got caught up selling guns and silencers they would be locked up so quick it would make your head spin. But here we see Blackwater aka XE can get caught slanging all this shit and they just get a fine. Albeit a 42 million is a big fine but just imagine all the money that was made from having a direct line into the war zone. Shit people we are talking billions of dollars. Not to mention that these guns were being sold to Iraqis and used against americans. WHAT THE FUCK. 42 million probably pales in comparison to the amounts in the briefcases of these judges and lawyers. Really though. Where is the justice?

bread and circus

in a sense we are all this bull. Contained. taunted. used. our horns dulled down like the self esteem. our balls chopped off. our skin branded. circused. yet still under these situations of tyranny our will can literally catapult us onto our oppressors. where the power of our horns shall be felt again. where the breaded masses, even for just a moment will scream at the pain they have brought upon this world. where the torment is lifted from our bodies and meaning brought back unto our lives. in a sense we are all this bull.