jesus was born today..

well at least this is how the story goes. however I have been asking everybody I know if they can show me where it says that jesus was born today. so far nobody has been able to show me. Of course they say its in the bible so I ask them where in the bible and I usually get one of those looks like "is this guy trying to make me look stupid?" kinda looks. The answer is no Im not trying to make anybody look stupid I just want to know why in the fuck everybody believes this!!! Ive read the bible and no where in it does it say that december 25th was the day. Now I know why everybody believes it. Thats because the PRIEST told them. Or at least hinted to in some sermon. The truth is the priests dont have to be specific about it because of all the other social constructs in our every day do the rest. All the lights and decorations and everybody saying merry christmas reinstates the belief in peoples mind.

This is cause for concern. We have come to be so psychologically malleable that hard evidence is no longer necessary for us to accept something as being true. All that we need is the right people, in the right positions, to say the right things and we will swallow it all hook line and sinker. We dont ever have to actually read the passage from the bible that says that this is the day Jesus was born and we will still go along with it. I MEAN EVERYBODY ELSE BELIEVES IT certainly it must be in there!!! RIGHT???? RIGHT???? this is where I say please show me.

So say Im wrong and it does say it in the bible. The fact that people dont know where it is in the bible and still go along with it is evidence that FAITH is at hand. IT is a very powerful tool and thats why the social engineers exploit it every chance they get. I know from personal experience that this is not healthy. I recall the times that I have been talking to people and in an attempt to show my credibility on a certain subject I reference what Ive heard somebody else (who I perceive to be smart) say. Not something that Ive heard somebody else say and then went and did my own research and found to be true, NO just something that somebody said. Then the person who Im talking to asks me to provide evidence or maybe just elaborate on my opinion and Im standing there looking like a dip shit. BECAUSE FAITH did not provide any foundation. It did not require research therefor I can not offer anything else expect for a concept that I lifted off somebody else and regurgitated as if it were my own. YEAH I DONT LIKE THAT FEELING, SO I DONT TAKE THINGS ON FAITH. Sure I might say, WELL I HEARD THIS GUY SAY, OR WELL THIS LADY SAID THIS but unless I can really get into the flesh of the matter with personal research ive pretty much learned to just shut the fuck up and listen because the way I felt in those situations was SHALLOW. HALLOW.UnEDUCATEd. POSER LIKE.

After reading THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS i started to really think about the ill effects that this type of behavior can have on the quality of ones life. When one circumvents the mind by accepting things on faith essentially one is telling their mind to GET LOST and that ones mind IS REALLY NOT THAT NECESSARY. Basically that one can just LISTEN TO THEIR HEART aka FAITH and by some virtuistic mysticism the truth will shine its lights onto ones lucky ass and everything will be all good. THIS TYPE OF PHILOSOPHY basically castrates ones SOURCE Of WILL and sets one off in a direction of continual dependence on some outside influence to validate ones own existence. In this STATE OF MIND if GOD does not recognize you then you aint shit. This completely disregards the fact that each one is GOD. That were at the same time the center and outermost part of eternity. There is nothing else expect for oneself therefor a muthafucker acting in this manner will surly be waiting around forever before they are able to realize their own life is happening right now, right here. Now this is the grimy part. The amount of time that one is controlled by another is the same amount of time that one allows themselves to be controlled by that certain other. Like my man NATE says "If you dont control your mind, somebody else will" There is no in between here. You either RIDE or you DIE!!

Nobody else is going to try and control your mind for a good reason. The only reason somebody tries to control somebody elses mind is to benefit their own agenda. To make a slave. Alot of people may disagree with this. Saying shit like well sometimes people are to stupid to make up their minds, people are too careless to control their own destinies. This is the philosophy of the tyrant. He is not a friend. A friend would take the necessary steps to teach you if they thought that you having a certain knowledge was in your best interest. This is altruistic nonsense. It is the iron fist with wearing a velvet glove.


Yo I would really not be keeping it true if i didnt at this point in space send a super phat lazer beam shot out to that dude OSAL8. This guy has been holding the dubstep down here in my town for a long while now...Constantly at the spot giggin behind the hardware spreading massive amounts of bass love, and if he aint at work you know your gonna see him on the dance floor or up in the smokers lounge keeping it cool as hell.....I really dont think that he plans on letting up any time soon so if you dont wanna groove stay the fuck up off the dance floor when this doctor of grime is the building!!!

Ere We Come by osal8

FDR was a socialist pig!!!!

think this cant happen...think again.....


techno sexual roboinoid fetish the future is now eating microchips for breakfast.hands free programable emotional response. get served today. choose your slave. retna scan algorythmic waves. turn off the lights and shut the shades. ready for download.
Is there no bottom to the well of our morals.
will we be in a state of drying up forever.
sinking into the forgotten..
forgetting how to swim.
progam...beep beep..beep..


humanity walks in through the door. dirt follows his footsteps. a cat peeks out of the bath room. bag falls to the ground. heavy breathing. humanity walks into the kitchen and pours himself a glass of water. the house remains lightless. paint stains the glass. humanity closes his eyes. the sound of metal smashing along echoes. adrenaline is absorbed. the yard was wide open. he takes a drink and some dried sweat finds its way into his mouth. it tastes like victory!!!!

-practice makes perfect

mechanically sepaWHATTTTTTT!!!!!

Yo big fuking shot out to that dude FOGATRON for coming through with the ill shit.....just think about this video the next you snap into a slim jim....

MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!! now go kill yourself

faith is a shortcut to knowledge---from ayn rands book VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS

AH yes the season of stealing, consuming, greed, embarresment, lies, phony christians, obnoxious lawn deco, and SANTA GETTING BUSTED FOR CHILD PORN. Yeah you could pretty much say im sick and tired of all this holiday bullshit…You know if you believe in GOD and Jesus is his son and you feel good about buying cheap ass toys made by underpaid overworked folks from communist countries that is your right…BUT Im really over people who dont BELIEVE IN JESUS pretending like its all good that they celebrate his BDAY!!! ITS JUST TRADTION is what they say!!! They also say to them it has nothing to do with Jesus??? This philosophical back flip through a flaming hoop of rationality always amazes me. That’s like putting a costume on and decorating your house on Oct 31 and saying that your not celebrating Halloween???? Just tradition?? Well you know it was once tradition to burn witches at the stake, WHY DON’T YOU PRACTICE THAT??? NO OF COURSE NOT!!! BECAUSE ITS STUPID!!! Folks will also say that they are atheist and don’t even believe in god and to them CHRISTmas to them has nothing to do with Jesus CHRIST…ITS DOESN’T???? Only his name is just in the days title!!!! COME ON NOW!!!

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with celebrating FAMILY, or GIVING PRESENTS but if your not down with the Religion that started the day don’t keep on pushing it along by practicing its tradition. FIND ANOTHER DAY!!! MAKE ONE UP!!! I mean that’s all these god fearing kooks did in the first place!!! Christians did not make up the idea of giving or being with family, but if we continue to only practice these on their reserved days then they will continue to be able have a monopoly on them and this is complete bullshit. If were ever going to reinstate reason in our species going along with this superficial tradition is not the way to do it. So too all my atheist CHRISTMAS elves out there..while your at the mall buying some presents just remember all the people who have been murdered in Christianities name , just think about all the priests who have used it as a cloak while they molested children, REMEMBER about all of the people who were outcast by their families because their CULT doesn’t agree with their sexual preference just remember all these things then WRAP UP THAT PRESENT real nice and tight…put a big puffy ribbon on that present and WISH YOURSELF ANOTHER MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!!


Nuclear catastrophe creeping up and crawling through my window. Who would have known I just cracked it a bit to let the plants grow. Strangled by unnaturally large amounts of radiation. Carceogenic inhalation. Cause the black clouds being coughed out by these busses are no hallucination. Neither are the space stations being built to hold the rich. When the poor earth is killed. Milked. Sucked dry by a species of humans getting high off constantly consuming. Crazy thing is most the time folks don’t even know that’s what their doing. Spending all day at the mall even though we aint got shit. Tricked into feeling rich by these life size advertisments. Advertising sex and social classes. Mental lashes from the whips of the fascists for fashion is just another facet to control the masses sense of individuality. For you can live your whole life in the wrong and still feel like you belong . Just as long as you clean clothes on. Just make sure that they aint wrinkled. For that will surely blow your cover. Like under cover lovers getting the sheets pulled off using cologne to cover the smell. Of all these bodies burning in hell pretending all is well. Even though we live in the shadows of falling bomb shells. Sheltering ourselves from the sun. Substituting the tv for our source of light. Our source of wisdom to tell us whats wrong with whats right. Silencing insite. Subliminal message introvienously injected into the eyes of young eating bowls of tricks. Whose artifical colors were tested on the eyes of silly rabbits. And outside the labratories piles of their bodies burn. This aint gonna hurt but its sure gonna burn. Becoming ashes in the urn.

Turn around don’t look at the flash of light in the sky. They earth has become a nuclear bomb test site and the end is going to be here before you have a chance to write it down on your roman calander. Melting off of the walls I never imagined the pain could feel so good. Fucked up thing is it doesn’t. And we wasn’t. Bound to live our lives based on a clock. Its that hourly based crack rock that being sold on these suburban blocks. Wrapped up in a shiney 401k. With excellent medical benefits that only benefit if you if your sick. Fucking the natural cycle of sleep you definantly will be. No time to dream so when shall we. Seal the seams of the brain the burst under the stress of unconscious breath. Caught up in this concrete net. Spread across the land to capture the wild and turn them into pets that better entertain or face the consequence. Sit stay speak fetch. Good god all these fasauds meant to massage the presidents penis. Cause his wifes a bitch and his lifes a rich mans dream. Staring back at through the telescreen. Amongst the violence and screams. Promising us silence and serenity so long as we keep sending our sons off to war. Saying its nothing more than a world tour. A chance to even the score with your natural born enemy. And soar to heights never imagined. But I imagine its nothing more than another fairy tale bed time story. Jumping out of my window and into my neighbors. Around her neck she wears a crucified savior. Franticly searching through her room cause she cant remember where she placed her menstral cycle of birth and death. Only to find it sucking from her breast. Wearing a guess diaper and a baby pair of nike cortez. With wires poking out of its cerebral cortex. Swirling through this social vortex. With no one to blame and no where to turn. It aint gonna hurt but its sure gonna burn. Becoming ashes in the urn.


This perspective from PILOTS FOR 9/11 TRUTH is crucial to take a look at if one is going to make an informed decision about the hijackings of sept 11 2001. The official story makes it seem like it would be such an easy feat to hijack planes and crash them into buildings yet numerous pilots from the get go have said that this would be extremely difficult if not impossible. So far I haven't read any statements by folks who trained the alleged hijackers saying that the kamikaze pilots has sufficient knowledge on how to fly a plane let alone the expertise needed to pull off the stunts they did. It wasnt until 35 minutes after the towers were hit the flight 93 came down!!! No wonder everybody is afraid for their lives. If the armed forces cant locate a plane that has been hijacked and flown off course after 35 minutes how the fuck are they gonna protect us from anything. This could have easily been an enemy plane carrying missiles...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! With all of the radar systems in place and fighter planes located throughout the country this could never happen and would never happen unless people from inside the military were in on the deal!!! How radars could have missed the signals of the people on the plane calling in is beyond me..It sure does reinforce the feeling that if this did happen THE PEOPLE in charge of protecting us are worth dogshit!!!! Whether or not you believe George Bush was involved you have to admit that there would need to be some insiders in order for these attacks to happen.. and since the official story denies this a possibility and refuses to go any investigation you know there is something rotten going on and most likely leads up to the highest positions in government...

I mean think about this....The dudes were able to run up in the cockpit...take over the plane and the pilots never called in to say what was going on????? Within hours the media was able to draw out a map of the course that the planes flew but the government was not able to get planes into that area while it was headed to the pentagon...COME ON are you fucking kidding me...WHO BELIEVES THIS???? its like the folks who are writing this bullshit are going out of there way to make it seem as unreal as possible...ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE SITUATIONS WHERE THE THERMOMETER IS SHOVED UP THE ASS OF THE PUBLIC TO SEE HOW WELL THEY FALL IN LINE WITH ORDERS!!!

"Ive never seen so much real world stuff along with exercises" ---YEAH NO SHIT...this is real time MK ULTRA take over the world high powered fear weaponry coming at you!!!!!

-"OF Course the orders still stand (KILL THESE MUTHERFUCKERS and make ME RICH!!)" -dick cheney.. in an underground bunker 9/11/2001

we are lead to believe that flying a plane is a simple as catching a bus or driving a car. Like there are road signs in the sky telling you where to turn and how fast you should be going. WIthout extensive knowledge derived from a history of flying in the area being able to spot the pentagon and crash into the side of it is not possible according to a shit load of pilots from all walks of life...but they get no air play in the mainstream...WHY IS THIS!!!! people on site saying that this was a small COMMUTER PLANE...20 to 60 people...ARE THEY LYING??? Are their emotions pushing them to irrational hallucinations.

What were seeing here is PROTOCOL!! Standard Operations!!! JUST TAKING ORDERS!!! Nobody got in trouble for this...I mean nobody was court martialed!! Just like nobody got in trouble when they fell asleep and didnt see a squadron of japanese kamikazes flying over the ocean getting ready to attack pearl harbor!! Further reinforcement to the feeling that the people in charge of us, that we pay all that cash to. are incompetent losers!!!!


just had the pleasure of watching THE BLACK SWAN..but first off let me give my props to the Hillcrest Landmark Theater. These folks are selling ABC cookies up in there..what a damn good alternative to the poison gummy what ever the fuck the Theaters these days are killing their customers with. These cookies are so damn good if you havent had one you are seriously slipping. I knew it was gonna be a packed house so I tried to get there early enough to not have to sit in the very front and all the way to the right. Having a cramp halfway through a movie is no way to watch a movie. Now getting there early does have its down side though. they are called PREVIEWS!!! Really though watching 3 minutes of five different movies can really make a dude just not want to watch a movie..and now you got commercials..these are even worse...this one though did make me laugh.. actually the whole theater laughed out loud when it was done...i dont think ill see another one of those bags the same way ever again...

Anyways after one cookie and a shit load of previews the Swan Song begins to play..from the opening scene to the end the movie is dope!!! the emotions are running high..psychosis is in the air..It was very much reminiscent of one of those never ending, psycho fantasitic mushroom trips. Hallucinations and out of control emotional outbursts are around every, sex, passion, fear, paranoia..and I thought the Ballet was for SQUARES...well if this movie is a glimpse into the world of the Ballerina there couldnt be anything further from the truth..OVer all message of the movie was Watch OUT cause being belelmic and overworked can really play tricks on you if your not careful..some of the scenes made the feathers on the back of my neck stand up..

This story really got me to hinking of all the swan moments of my life....the moments that ive felt eternity come underneath my wings...the moments death has laughed with me...the moments me and life are equal..and there is no fear...where the will becomes the way...where your desire takes over all of your being to a point where nothing can stop you...where your maddness pushes you past over the edge..where consequences are empty promises and accomplishment is the only thing that matters...these are the moments that define us..without them we are incomplete..without them the swan will never dance..

someday they may no longer need us

this is some phillip k dick shit going on real time. Imagine kid has leukemia and his folks are worried about him having a fukin robot sitting in for him. And to think when I missed school my parents actually had to go down and pick up my homework and then go over it with me!!! make no mistake this is the future of humanity if John P. Holdren has his way

you could see how the predictive programming is playing itself out in our daily lives..this has only been dreamed of in the movies like surrogates and Irobot...the builders of culture continue to bust the blocks of our imagination into the reality they deem appropriate!!


No for real..those dollars in my pocket represent debt. I had heard this many times before coming to understand exactly what this means...reading THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND has really helped out in bringing to fruition this hard core fact that is right in front of our faces yet rarely seen...

lemme do this real simple quick...

these dollars in my pocket where do they come from????

The Federal Reserve printed them...EASY

but why did they print them??? What prompted the FED to turn on the machine and print this dollar in my pocket????

Well it goes like this....The congress of this great nation of mine got together and said yo we need some dough!!!! They have no money in the bank..none in the mattress...basically the fuckers are broke....SO they say well lets hit up the FEDERAL RESERVE...

They go to the fed and go YO we need some cash....the FED says ok what you gonna give us...THE congress not having anything, looks at them with a stupid puppy dog look and says to the FED we aint got shit...BUT were good for it...cause we got this thing called the IRS and they collect money for us from the people so were good for it....the FED says ok ILL give you the cash but I want an IOU!!!!!!


Congress prints out these IOU's (treasury bonds) and gives them to the FED then the FED turns on the press and viola DOLLARS are printed out given to congress in which they spend on all types of welfare, war, hookers, drugs, you name it they spend it...eventually it ends up in my pocket...

BUT it only happened because congress gave the FED an IOU...Which is a representation of DEBT!!!! SO the MONEY IS DEBT!!!!

Because the only way that the FED prints the money is by Congress (certain banks can do this to) asks to BARROW IT!!! If they never needed to BARROW IT the FEDERAL RESERVE WOULD NEVER PRINT IT!!!!

Now IOUS mean that at some point you have to pay them back...heres the real fucked up part!!!!

If congress ever collected all the MONEY to pay back all the IOUs it gave to the fed it would have to collect all the dollars ever printed and give them back to the FED...because EVERY dollar was barrowed in the first place...This means in short that there would be no more dollars for the PEOPLE!!!! So if the national debt was ever paid that means that there would be no more money in circulation..

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! THis is crazy!!!! and now yo know why nobody is really ever serious about paying down the national debt...with out we would be broke????

It has not always been this way...but it is now...and if we dont do something to try and change it...we are all gonna be fucked...forever!!!!!

music by the hambloggger man

2. feeyacht kerwhensea by hamblogggerman.blogspot

truth tight!!!!

wake up call

Conspiracy theories are an atrempt to grasp the "big picture" of history.
"We believe that many of the major world events that ate shaping
destinies occur because somebody or somebodies have planned them that
way," mused conservative author Gary Allen. "If we were merely dealing
with the law of averages, half of the events affecting our nation's wellbeing
should be good for America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence,
our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor. . ..
We are not really dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning
and brilliance."

from the book Rule By Secrecy---Jim Marrs

is it USAMA or OSAMA????

can somebody please tell me why the FBI does not list the planning of 9/11 on their reasons why they want USAMA...PLEASE...this picture was taken from know that good old FBI.GOV website....


I cant say much for MR. REVOK on a personal level because I dont know him but as a fan of graffiti I can say that REVOK is pretty much fucking dope as hell.(I did see him suplex a bouncer at PAINT LOUIS back in the day though, that was pretty cool) Growing up I was awe strucken by the magnitude of work that he was putting in. His art has inspired me greatly.

In fact finding REVOK's
blog earlier this year is what inspired me to get the hambloggger up and start doing some of my own commenting on the world wide web. (I know im a bit late since it seems like hes already has his shit jumping off for a couple years now, but the rock I was living under was really heavy and did not have electricity in it,anyways im glad to be out) The dude just does not seem to have any idea of what stopping means. Burner after burner after jumbo tag after burner, from the us to japan to a whole globe of other spots this dude really seems like he is having a hell of a good time.

His blog has actually become kind of like a guilty pleasure of mine. These days I rarely pull my eyes out of some literature about the GLOBAL ELITE or the FEDERAL RESERVE or something other that really has nothing to do with GRAFFITI and I feel good about this but sometimes I just gotta break out that maddness for a sec and see some graffilthy.. Here I find REVOKs site perfect. Its not that there isnt any type of political commentary that comes from his site, cause sometimes there is and when its there Im like word REVOK speak on that (That post he did on police brutality was crucial..RIP OSCAR GRANT)..but for the most part dude seems to really just be sharing with us some of the coolest graff and other art from all over the world.

Im really just getting over the initial shock of realizing how much graffiti has come to be a normal part of life. I know you still get in trouble if you get caught and im sure there are still pigs building files but shit i mean come on REVOK has a muthafuckin blog. Yeah im still not over the strangeness of the situation but whatever the world is a strange place and you can either sit in the highway and get ran over or you can find a cool spot on the side to do piece and be like word fuck yeah, that shit is hot!!!

Anyways REVOK is a dope artist and like I said he inspired me to the hambloggger man pushing out my theories. Im pumped to see what next level shit he is about to start pulling off. Im thinking its gonna be big. I cant wait tillthe autobiography comes out. im already knowing that shit is gonna be comedy and drama. So stay up REVOK keep doing the damn thing...the world is watching..

TSA strip searches child

this video is just about ridiculous. Really making a kid take his shirt off to see if he has a bomb strapped to him. how do this TSA workers take themselves serious, how do they go home and look in the mirror and not be ashamed. The logic of all this new security at the airport is at level 0 and is very reflective of an agency that uses mascots in their videos that show you how to be prepared before you get to the checkpoint. the social engineers laugh as they watch these videos get posted up. they probably masturbate to them. the obedience thermometer gets shoved deeper up the public's ass and we just keep paying our taxes. Like the terrorists cant just rent a private plane and fill it full of bombs. How are they gonna stop that!!!! In fact thats all that this type of activity is going to promote..maybe then it will just become illegal to have a private plane...I mean people with private planes must be rich and being rich is not a sign of sacrificing your self for society and only evil people dont do that!!! RIGHT??????

now im sure the father to this kid had some really important place to go and just couldnt miss his flight, but DAMNIT man there has to be some point at which you say NO. Fuck no my kid aint taking his shirt off, fuck no you cant touch him, fuck no i dont care if you kick my ass out this airport. What ever happend to causing a good ole fashion scence!!! You know like maybe getting loud..calling them out on their bullshit..this kid is gonna grow up thinking this is all right unless as a father you tell him HELL NO its not ok for somebody to make you get naked to make sure that everybody else is safe.

heres a glimpse into what we can all get ready for..Im so excited I think im gonna puke...just the thought of having somebody look up my ass send tingles up my back..

sometimes i swagga sometimes i STAGGA

shot out to my dude mr pauly nade for putting me up on this STAGGA dude....good looking to my man ed for putting me up on soundcloud..


super bass face sub sonic telepathic love step.

postcard from a canyon

think about it!!!!Read about it!!! speak about it!!!! my folks gotta be about it!!!!

R.I.P. Adelaide Norris

The GODDESS is in full effect with this movie BORN IN FLAMES!!! She aint fuckin around though. Done fed up with being treated like trash she is rising up and taking whats hers. The man aint having it though. Special op forces are in full force. Suicided by the main stream. Communications jammed. The GODDESS thrives. The Phoenix born from the fires of revolution her wings of justice spread flying through the sky watching over her children, her songs speak to their centers of confidence. Her cries an extension of the pain that they collectively have felt and the blood that they have bled.

Yeah this movie is pretty much bad ass!!! Direct commentary on how socialism works and in effect doesnt work. Folks just gotta come together as their own like minded selves and get done what they need to be done in order to live and bring meaning to our daily experience. Dont think that any governmental party is gonna make that happen. Because governmental parties suck and always have the worst dj's.

viva la evolution!!!!!!!!!


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.----thomas jefferson

I wonder if this school has any american flags in its classrooms?? Whats really messed up is that my generation today has very little reason to care about this..with all the sensless murdering and looting that the american goverment people does to others as well as its own people the FLAG has become a symbol of aggression instead of freedom. Believe the the globalist bankers couldnt be happier.

have you seen this building

i guess its time for the lame stream to start walking on the fence since the whole shit house is going up in flames. did they really think that they could blow up a building in front of everybody and it wouldnt be noticed...come on now...fuck the war machine...


Yo Jim Marrs is the man!!! Dude be puttin it down for all conspiracy theorists out here in the galaxy. I just got done reading his books RULE BY SECRECY. If you had a feeling that there were some back room deals going down so that global government could be put into effect this book will only solidify your concern.

From the trilateral commission to the bilderbergers to the masons to the hashasins to the thule society to the knights Templar to the Christians to the pharoes to the sumerians Jim exhibits a great deal of knowledge of the writings, workings and histories of a these clicks of people. He is also very good at making sure to include lists of people included in each one of the groups and in doing so showing how many of the groups are tied together. Its amazing to see how many different fraternities one person could belong to. And how few fraternities it takes to run the world!!!

And even as impressive as these lists of folks are today the Hegelian dialect is boring. Everybody is hip to problem, reaction, solution tricks. We want something deeper then this. Something before that. The brain of that..and this information is what Jim has....

Jim breaks down many powerful secret societies all the way back to the annunnaki of Sumeria. Before reading this book I didn't really know much about the Sumerians, which is odd because of all the contributions that they gave to life as i know it,, the wheel, writing etc.., However now that I do know my world view has been put to the test. Its to easy to sit around and think that were at the pinnacle of our evolution and more advanced then every before as a species, because mostly everybody around us thinks the same thing. This is definitely whats being told to the kids in school. But really are we???

The Sumerians tablets are from 5000 years ago. They speak about technology that we are being told is just becoming available today. Dna manipulation. Space Flight. Atomic weapons. How can this be?? Has modern man just come to realize what our ancestors envisioned or has history been written so as to make us believe that the folks who make these discoveries today are gods even though the technology is very old and was kept away in secret?

If there was a civilization that used machines on earth we would find the evidence right? There could be no way for this evidence to be destroyed or hidden from us in an effort to rewrite history..or could there be a way? This seems impossible due to the amount of secrecy that would have to have taken place but yo for reals, if anybody is gonna make you question that possibility ol Jimmy Marrs gots you!!!


The rewriting of history is a major theme throughout the book. So much of history is complete speculation because when it comes down to it nobody was there. we depend on artifacts and peoples testimony. Jim sheds lights on to many different times in history when these artifacts went missing along with whole groups of people and the sinister of groups of people who orchestrated the wars, revolutions, acts of genocide and trade agreements that were responsible for their disappearing from the face of the planet.

Could there have been a great flood? At least one in the cradle of civilization that would have destroyed this evidence of a technologically advanced society. Did global warming cause that????

According to Jims research the sumerians wrote that the Annunaki came here to mine gold to shoot up into their planets atmosphere to fix what they had broken...listen to this guy and tell me if it sounds familiar..

really though Jim just got me bugging the fuck out!!! and i could not thank him enough for his penning this conspiratorial masterpiece.

The Phantom Artist

Yo joey krebs has mad word play...and im not mad at fact im hella pumped on the dude...the man is coming at you in so many different ways im not surprised why he is known as the Phantom Artist...from the streets to the airwaves to the gallaries to the net the dude is well pronounced...pushing the envelopes of free thinking and fearlessness he is doing great things in educating the poppy crazed art freaks of todays circus we call life.

check out this link here to one of his latest succesful attempts to be a big brother to the art culture and stand up to the biters trying to steal the fire!!!

yeah he also gives a shout out to the hambloggger man and thats whats up....Joey if your listening....get at me for an interview!!!!!!!!


think about it...where did aids come from...when did it appear...1930s???? how did this happen...are vaccines safe??? do we know all of the effects of injecting foreign DNA into our bodies??? how long would it take to see the side effects???

now im not saying that aids was made spefically to kill any group of folks but could it have accidentaly been made while trying to come up with a live virus polio vaccine??? why does it seem that modern science is ok with just no being really all that sure about the orgins of wasnt that long ago that it started!!!! there is evidence!!! watch the video and think about it!!!!!

could this be why we have a national vaccine injury fund making it impossible to sue the vaccine makers?? THE HAMBLOGGGERMAN SAYS WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! MYSELF INCLUDED...


your property is temporary and the constant target of others will.

you will take nothing to the grave..

sooner or later it will all be gone.

Growing up Adek was killing the streets in my town. I mean killing them. This is a good 15 years ago. Today he still runs shit. I met him once sitting in front of nordstroms tagging on some shit. we talked about the beach. he was cool and inspired me..i give props.

your property is a canvas. enjoy it while you can.

Worth a thousand words

dont be fooled by all the hype..
its all a game of black and white..
at the debates they pretend to fight...
but afterwards they party all night...
a PR campaign filled with shining lights...
of course your vote counts....SIKE!!!!!


Well we did it..hiked for humanity...drank delirium up at the pink!!! Burned the 9/11 comission up on the western coast....broke a bottle of champagne...ate a cactus apple...then went the Abstract Fest.....DAAAAMMMMMNNNNIIIITTTTTTT!!!! (no i didnt sneak in) This party was like for joking..this party was--well how can i put this....THIS PARTY WAS FUKIN DOPE AS FUCK!!!!!! For reals big ups to the folks who put this together...Both rooms were constantly jumping...The Bass was on point...grown everywhere having a blast...there was plenty of room to jump around and yall already know how the hambloggger man does it...thats right your boy was straight head banging for hours on end...but yo for reals..not playing at alll..that dude RUSKO....
Thats right the boy was on ffffffffiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!! Im not even joking...I had not had the pleasure of seeing him live and would not have been alive if I hadnt..the dude was mixing all his cuts...When he put them together in unison the way he did it made me really stop and appreciate the GENIUS that is known as RUSKO
!!!! For reals he had that rig shaking the entire west coast the other night....Plus he was on the mic giving hella shots out..YOU KNOW LIKE DJ's ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!no fronting there....Major Laser came through and crushed it right after him with a down right amazing set as well...I was not up on the Laser game but yo that set was those laser beams had me feeling like somebody might have dosed my water or some shit...hahaha...stage dancers, mc's yo the party was this is like 2:30 and more dubstep came in through the next room...barley able to stand up by now...i grabbed a water and got the dance floor again..This time EXISION was on the decks anddddd just when I thought my legs could not stand anymore my lungs filled with air, had a conversation with the new balance kicks, and your boy was up in the eeeeeerrrrrrr like yeahh....shit I barely even got a voice after this party...(which is all good cause im trying to get the 30 year old smokers raspy voice with out actually smoking)....for reals though do yourself a favor and punch yourself in the groin if you missed this show cause it was off the CCCCHHHAAAIIINN!!!


Get ready for the media pushed, non science based, fear mongering propaganda to start kicking in here as we approach the winter months and the "FLU SEASON". Much of this will be brought to you by your boy up at Rueters, Mr. Thomas Glocer.

This guy has positioned himself very well to make boats like of greenbacks, C.R.E.A.M., dinero, loot, euros, you know what Im sayin..COLD HARD CASH!!! and how is he going to do this you ask...

WELLL just check out Mr. Glocer's Bio. You will notice that he is Chief Executive @ Rueters, he is Director of Merck Pharmaceutical's, and he is a member of the Council on Foreign relations just to name a few. Now how could he be using his ties at these three organizations in order to make this loot????

Well Reuters is one of the largest new outlets today. Every year we seem them pumping stories out about how bad the flu's are going to be. How if you dont get the shots your gonna DIE..your family is going to be out a father, or mother, or brother, a sister. How that nasty HPV is going to attack your virgin 12 year old daughter. We see the stories about how safe the merck products are despite having a Pig Virus in them. Do you ever see them printing stories on alternative methods to staying healthy?? Are there any ways?? Just check this article here. PUSHING ALL TYPES OF DOPE onto the unsuspecting parents of kids going back to school. Notice how all those diseases that they are promoting can all be cured by the magical vaccines made by MERCK .

Now I'm not hating on folks making money. NOT ONE BIT. A man should have the ability to procure the means for taking taking care of his family. What I am against however is deceit. And thats exactly what we find up here at the good ol globalist think tank The Council on Foreign Relations . Just look at what this monsters are talking about when your not looking.

Ok so maybe you are peep this out...

we see here though Mr. Glocer is part of this evil alliance and he is out to get you...he wants your blood.. your loot...your mind...your kids...

I wonder if he gets the shots??????

Hike 4 Humanity=Kill your TV=Counter Media

YO YO!!!! What thiiizzzilling everybody!!!! Its bout to be cracking off this Saturday sept 11 2010....Were bout to get the second hike for humanity set in full motion...hiking from normal heights to seaport village...the theme is humanity and all its glory...peep the link

Its gonna be going down hugs!!!! free cds!!! free smiles!!! free humanity!!! and the homie Mix Master Whompenhiemer will be mixing tunes through out the journey!!! Gyeah thats right were gonna be dubstepin all the way there and hopefully sneak into the Rusko show after that!!! HAHAHA... Nah for reals though come join in the fun and bring a sign or a shirt or a smile....anything to let these streets of SD know that we are alive...were having fun...and we wont be held down by the fear tactics used to keep us indoors....the festivities are poppin off at noon so get up of your ass and DANCE!!!

Just look at how much fun we had on the last hike.

International bomb the terrorist day

Yo charlie...youve totally changed my mind...all this peace and love talk is so bout to give up this blogggin shit and join the army!!!!!



Whooping Cough

This article up at KPBS.ORG should be of no surprise by now. It would seem that 2 out of the 3 people in Cali who have gotten whooping cough were already fully vaccinated. HUH??? That means that you were more likely to get it if you got the shot then if you didn't. WHAT??? So why all the fuss about getting the shots.

The CDC says that this has nothing to do with vaccines not working and all to do with the virus mutating rendering the vaccine impotent.. (Excuse me but doesn't that mean the shot doesn't work????) According to the mental gymnasts working for the pharmaceutical companies this is not the case. If you just have faith they will come up with a new vaccine based on the mutated virus and then you ll be safe...

I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING NOW..wont the virus just mutate again????

Answer is yes that whats viruses do...mutate..and when you looks at these numbers you have to think to yourself that your chances would have been better off just never funking with the vaccine in the first place..FOR REALS!!

After reading through alot of comments on these types of articles it sounds like people are pissed because they believe that its the fault of the kids who weren't vaccinated that their vaccinated kids got sick???? (I still haven't been able to completely wrap my brain around this one so if you can help me it would be much appreciated, My thoughts are if your kid is vaccinated then they should be good right??) I read things like "Why do we let kids go to school without their shots"...NOW IF THAT AINT SOME SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA I DONT KNOW WHAT IS?? Allow kids to go to school???? FIrst off parents are made to send their kids to school...second parents (and every other tax payer) pay for kids to go to school..SO how anybody thinks that they should be able to dictate further the regulations placed on the Customers ( thats what we are, customers of the school) is beyond me. IF you don't agree with what the other people at the school believe DON'T SEND YOUR FUCKIN KIDS TO SCHOOL!!!! Quit trying to make everybody else believe what you do..

You know that's what I was always told growing up made this country so great...that people were allowed to their own beliefs....seems like that is becoming less important to some its all about being right and getting enough people to agree with you then trampling the rights of others...

If people really were confident that the vaccines worked they wouldn't depend on fascist scenarios in order to prove that...LIKE MANDATORY SHOTS for everybody or else no jobs, no school, no insurance...


Damn this dude has some crazy ass paintings. It would seem that burner after burner he is pulling off some mega dope styles. This is not the only reason why he is getting a shout out by HAMBLOGGGGGY. Reading into his bio was very refreshing. Right when I was starting to think that graff was becoming void of any deeper meaning then just peoples names (no hatred here) I was happy to find Mr. ASKEW1. Dude is hella thoughtful and in being so his works are thought provoking. His writings on the orgin of his style is some of the best stuff ive read all year. REAL TALK..

The all seeing eye is very prevalent in his works and in his blog at ASKEW1.COM he breaks it down for you. Now the all seeing eye should, in my opinion, be something that all graff writers are familiar with. Being that your constantly looking out for haters you come to realize that there are alot of people watching you other than just on the streets. You got cameras, alarms, dogs and a plethora of other entities out there just waiting to catch you slipping.

Yet it would seem that alot of graff today has simply turned into a game of who can get up the most and here in lies my fear that graff was losing something. When art stops commenting on the outside world its only a matter of time before the artist themselves becomes consumed. I know that the social engineers would love it if graffiti writers just stopped making social commentary and would stick only to their names because a name with out a face is easy to put away in jail, but an idea without a face is impossible to vanquish. In a sense graffiti will always be political because its is illegal. Its this illegality though that gives graff so much power. See when somebody sees something written on the wall and the person reading it knows that freedom was risked to convey the message they are going to automatically give it more attention, at least for a second.

Maybe im just getting old and grew up in a golden age but it seemed like back in the day thats what the productions were all about. Making some sort of comment on what was going on in the world and making it in a way that was separated from corporate sponsorship. Maybe thats part of the problem. Im not hating on folks making money, im hating on folks who let the money make them.

Whats really dope about his burners though are that alot of them are just up throw ups on roids. Like he was just doing some bubble letters and started tweeking them making up all three dee and shit.. SUPER TUFF.. His colors are outta control..His high lights are whats up though. Its cool to see a softball used in burners the way he do it..really something that no other medium can know what im saying...

So keep up the good work ASKEW. The Hambloggger Man has his eye on you and is super pumped up on the burners. Let these muthafuckas know what time it is!!!!


had to remix this piece case yall thought i was fronting around...yaaddaaddaphilme!!!!!


If you didnt know Dan Dicks is holding it down up at PRESSFORTRUTH.CA. He had mad footage of this years G20 being posted real time and other critical breakdowns before and after the party. Hes been in the truth game for a minute now though (if hes been in as long as hes been growing that beard its gotta be a long minute) and the man has knowledge. Ive seen him all over the place clownin masons, calling out the police, trying to bum rush some of Gores Climate Change Orgy Porgies. I dont think that the pigbots are really feelin his show though, seems like hes always getting the boot while trying to get the shot. You know how they get when you start fucking with they cash man!!! I have no doubt that Mr. Dicks is going to continue to blow the critics minds back as he disassembles the conspiracies of today with logic and reason.

This is some dope follow up to the arrests that were going down up at the 20. Just look at this mans face when he gets asked a simple question. He looks like he dropped a log in his pants. And those pigbots in the minivan..DAMN!!! Dont yall have any pride at all??? Spying on folks, trying to instill fear!!! You can see the fear in theirs chests though. Uneasy breathing. Empty eyes. Terminators!!!

Have you seen this building? FREEFALL??

Blinded minds.
Blinded eyes.
Massive lies.
Massive crimes.

What happened to the path of least resistance???

The Cove!!!

Its said that you can tell alot of a people by the way that they treat the animals of their country. If thats the case the world is fucked. In particular Taiji, Japan. However this movie is not so powerful only because of the shocking images of dolphins being slaughtered, but also because it tells the story of a Man who becomes concious of the errors in his ways and in doing so really tries to make things right. FUCK SEAWORLD!!!!!

Ive come to think that any animal that will enslave another animal for its own well being will ultimately at some point become a victim of their enslavement.

Now tell me does this look familiar..

A World without Cancer!!!

SHEEEEEEEET Mayne. This movie is dope, creepy, informative, old school, has a dope soundtrack and could possibly save your life....G. Edward Grifffizzin comes through in this classic tale of how the FDA wants your ass dependent on them, infiltrates all types of medical institutions to insure this is the case and when all else fails will throw your ass in jail for not falling in line with their rules and regulations. Yet not only do they want us dependent on them they want us to be sick and dying so just in case they do need to ENFORCE some laws it wont be hard to do. Very sick and disturbing.

In this case its the outlawing of a certain vitamin B-17 that fell into the scopes of the boys up at the FDAgency. Soon after it was discovered that diets lacking in b-17 left one suseptable to cancer they declared it not a vitamin at all actually and against the law to claim its healing properties for medicinal purposes. DAMNIT!! But G.Edward really wasnt having it and this movie and book were one of hes ways to protest the laws and educate folks.

Educate me he has done. In fact im eating some apricot seeds right now. Apricots naturally having the highest amount of b-17 in all plants. Laetrile which is the chemically modified version of b-17 is steady used all across the world and it sounds like it has seriously helped alot of people successfully fight their bouts with cancer. Laetrile is banned in the USA. Go figure.


Seriously though. I hate to make fun of people for the way they talk but damn this fool sounds like a straight up little bitch. How many times do you have to get beat up on the playground before you start devising plans to poison the world? How in the world can these EUGENICISTS be taken seriously?

I wouldnt think that anybody did but being that there is already FLOURIDE added to the drinking water for supposed medical benefits I must assume that people are. When did humans become so down trodden that we are become open to the idea of unknown doctors start mass diagnosing us and upon diagnosis diseminating the medicine through the water? This if straight the fuck up some MAD SCIENTIST shit going down. I mean come on now for reals. If people are sad they should talk to their friends and family. If they dont have any or the problem is severe go see a doctor. At some point we have to let people be accountable for their own well being or else we will become limp wristed pansies much like this fruit loop.

check this other clip from this loser


This is some real talk right here. Anytime somebody is biting they need to get called out pronto.
Hijacking art is mad weak. Especially hijacking the work of dead folks. How the fuck are they supposed to stand up for themselves. Of course Shepard knows this is in his favor. Being as blissfully ignorant as I am I did not know the severity of this situation in particular. DAMMNNN!!

And if you didnt know the streets is hottttt!!! People out here putting in hella overtime trying to breath some life into these zombie ridden cities of ours. Street cred is not to be joked about. I seen alot of cats when I was growing up thinkin it was all good to take responsibility for some art outta magazines. You know thinkin to themselves "Ah shit its all good aint nobody gonna ever grow up and leave this city", but low and behold these losers always got the covers pulled sooner or later and were discovered to be the cockjocker that they truly were. Even with this situation a discerning eye could tell from the jump that something wasnt right.

Here is where the Fairey man finds himself. Covers getting pulled. Panties getting shown. Walls getting dissed.

Really though he is just another one of todays intellectual gatekeepers. Its almost as if he was groomed specially for his last obama gig. By hijacking these works of art that embodied a revolutionary political spirit Fairey was able to paint himself as a philosopher of freedom and struggle. Obama was able to also dabble in this type of propaganda. While the media painted him as a liberation theologist he was able to been seen as a proletariat and with this many were able to relate. Together they were almost undefeatable. HOPE!!!! should have been HYPE!!!!
The wars go on and we see Faireys work get less critical. Obama sends the surge and Fairey who has put his name on the line dont say a fucking word!!!! Pathetic. But thats what the gatekeeper does. They get you to the door then start telling you stories on why you dont wanna go through it, and in our arrested state of development unsure of ourselves and still reaching out for a guiding hand we fall in line. I mean for reals man this wall was shit even before the wack ass tag

Faireys really gonna go around the world doing the same weak ass global warming fear mongering installation. It would not surprise me if we soon found out that the reason Al and Tipper broke up was because Al and Shep were hooking up. I mean shit remember the revolution Shep. Remember the war that youve been clowing all these years???? You were serious right??? You werent just looking to get some street cred were you??? Tell me what you know about COINTELPRO???

anyhows...the streets is hot..the streets is watching...the streets will one day consume each one who dwellith upon them...

aint that some shit!!!

I must be living in a fucking backwards ass place of world. How in the fuck are you going to get up and say the wars over, but were keeping 50000 troops. I dont give a shit what the reason is, if your keeping folks their the war isnt over. Give me a fucking break would you. This ASSHOLE of ASSHOLES is gonna start saying bedtime stories and were just supposed to go to sleep. AINT HAPPENING OVER HERE IN THE LOUNGE!!!! Really how stupid do the people who wrote this speech think we are. Obviously the answer is VERY STUPID!! Gullible, asleep at the wheel, idiotic, mind controlled sheep!!! For reals though. I thought a gang of people were just like nah the war is fucked up and stupid. OBAMA tries to make it sound like no matter where you stand everyone was for the war. YEAH sure as if were all part of the psychopathic forgotten zombie class that will eat human flesh to keep their flat screen . THAT AINT ME THOUGH. THE HAMBURGER IS JUST WAY TO GREASY these lies and rivers of vomited propaganda slide right off my buns baby!!!!

so for all the people that were killed and will continue to be killed in this the writers of this speech...heres a big



Peep Game!!

these graphs are wild.

Again we see the hijacking of mans acomplishments to further the agenda of the priest class. It would seem that they have their fingers on the pulse of humanity at all times, sometimes the galaxies pulse, and come up with these self fulfilling prophecies. Hamburger aint having it though. Were cutting through the hatrix, yaddaddaamean!!!!!!

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all up in the hambloggosphere babbbbyyyyy...

let the bodies hit the flizzzzoooorrrr

i am laughing. inside im crying.

this skit is comedy because of the soundtrack and the popularity of the song and its wide spread association with war and soilders just following orders.

its sad because the soldiers in the skit are just following orders. orders given to them to disassociate themselves with their rational minds. faith is not a shortcut. it is a deadend..


Its crazy really the way some folks go to jail for crimes and others dont. Seriously though. If somebody from THE HOOD got caught up selling guns and silencers they would be locked up so quick it would make your head spin. But here we see Blackwater aka XE can get caught slanging all this shit and they just get a fine. Albeit a 42 million is a big fine but just imagine all the money that was made from having a direct line into the war zone. Shit people we are talking billions of dollars. Not to mention that these guns were being sold to Iraqis and used against americans. WHAT THE FUCK. 42 million probably pales in comparison to the amounts in the briefcases of these judges and lawyers. Really though. Where is the justice?

bread and circus

in a sense we are all this bull. Contained. taunted. used. our horns dulled down like the self esteem. our balls chopped off. our skin branded. circused. yet still under these situations of tyranny our will can literally catapult us onto our oppressors. where the power of our horns shall be felt again. where the breaded masses, even for just a moment will scream at the pain they have brought upon this world. where the torment is lifted from our bodies and meaning brought back unto our lives. in a sense we are all this bull.


pretty soon you wont even have to beat your children. youll just have to think about beating them.

Find more videos like this on The Human Condition

i wonder if there will blinged out brainchips for rappers. leopard print, designer brain chips. of course these are already being used by the rich and powerful. how far has the androidian gone. do they walk among us. am i the only human left?? am i human??

The bitch ass govenator is summoning satan at the bohemian grove

Good ole arnie...keeping true to his roots of satanic allegiance and huffing and sucking. We already know whats going on up in the grove why are these guys fronting?? Oh to be a fly on one of the bath houses up at the grove I wonder what type of evil plans would be heard over the moans of homoerotic pleasures. These human devils are pathetic scum bags who have to hire piece of shit publications like the press to try to white wash the "Mixing their revelry and weird rituals with serious issues". This is some straight up garbage. The perverts are up in the grove doing mock sacrifices ( a representation of the millions that die to their war machines) and the public is supposed to think it a family affair. Hamburger aint buying it.

And look at arnie with his pretty nazi belt on. This guy is my governor. Shittttt!!!! you think I would let him watch my kids. Dude is a narcissistic racist piece of shit. Fuck you arnie. Get a real job you arrogant prick.


they know where you are sleeping. They know who is awake. Big brother linked up with apple so dont think that you are safe.

for reals in 1 minute 911 was chasing a cell phone. he must not live in oakland. whats up with the femme cop in this video?? Are all SF cops Gay?? no way im letting that guy frisk me. For reals though. on GP im laughing and only laughing at any pigbot with manicured eyebrows. DUDE YOU AINT HARD...

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

remember that...

The stars are invisible.

This is not meant to scare you. I see it now. Black islands consuming the islands. Children tarred and allowed to starve. Wondering which way to the warehouse. Lining up for the warehouse. People grown in the warehouse. Return to the warehouse. Dirty, lost, city dweller following a light. Lasers flashing helicopters scanning volunteers feed the hungry paper that makes them forget about their hunger. Laughing in the doorway playing with the rats. The stars are invisible. Screeching metal grinding piercing howling machine of destruction. Tyranny of mass production under eugenic instruction wont stop till total consumption.


Charlie Veitch got locked up. This is a very sad day for all of the touchy feely people of the planet earth. Further evidence that the police state is in full effect and THE HAMBURGER MAN knows that. Charlie is pure comedy. He is out on the streets cracking mad jokes about the banker overlords and their political pawns so I guess its not surprising that he got swooped up by the PIGBOTS but that doesnt make it any less sad. Lets just hope when hes in jail some of the sexually less inhibited cellys dont take his love the wrong way. Anyways Charlie us out here in the burgersphere are here for you man. STAY UP



Good morning kiddies. Today's lesson on THE HAMBURGER MAN SHOW is on AGENT PROVOCATEURISM. Yes it would seem that COINTELPRO Is alive and well in this free world of ours. Not able to discredit the concerns of the citizens the PIGBOTS like to try and blend in with the groups of protesters and incite violence. This way all the half asleep zombies that get all of their thought programing from the gamestream MKULTRA mass media will believe that the PIGBOTS are completely in the right and should be doing everything they can including, but not limited to, firehosing, pepperspraying, rubberbulleting, tasing, and mass arrests without evidence of any crimes actually being commited. Take a look at this first example of some PIGBOTS being ousted. They have not done violence but this is a very good example of methods used in order to try and blend in .
These PIGBOTS stand out like a sore thumb due to mass steroid use and constant beating of innocent bike riders..

Now in this clip we see what may be the beginning of PROVOCATEURISM. Some of the smarter more advanced humans in the crowd recognize the tactics though and again pull the PIGBOT card. Good work folks.

And lets now lets take a look at some more recent footage of supposed protesting. Now do we seriously believe that after spending 1 billion dollars on security that they could not stop a cop car from being burned. PLEASE CHECK YOUR HEAD. They have military goons all over TORONTO right now and if they gave 2 shits about stopping that cop car from being burned you can bet your ass every person within 1/2 mile of it could have been swooped and incarcerated. The bankster assholes that make up the G-20 love this because it makes their cause look valid. Its makes it seem ok that they even spent 1 billion dollars on security in the first place, but wait as you can tell that wasn't enough so next time it will be 2 billion of the taxpayers money. These pussy ass supposed anarchists then start attacking camera people. Doubt the attack any gamestream media camera people though. You know the ones who are on the payroll of the same corporations that they are supposedly striking out against in when breaking the windows.

I KNOW I kiddies are like up HAMBURGER have you lost your mind. I thought you hated THE MAN and you should be happy this PIGBOTS are getting their cars toasted...your thinking HAMBURGER PATTTTTY youre smoking to much man..your paranoid aint no PIGBOTS dressed up in all black with rocks...WELL WELL KIDDIES I can assure you one thing I am PARANOID but check this video right here YES is real on the battlefield. See my contempt for the system that works do dehumanize us is very real but only because my love for my folks is also real. To see people using demonstrations against the NEW WORLD ORDER as a vehicle to go do property damage to me is extremely weak. Seeing people attack journalists seems very facist to me. Im all for anarchy but without peace it will never be able to be realized. If these clowns really wanted to do some damage to these corporations they could do so very easily on a quiet night with sling shots and not have to to worry about arrest. In fact I've met some that do and I would have to say that they're attitude was genuine.

Im not going to say that all of these folks dressed in black are the PIGBOTS. Ive been to the meetings where these events are being planned and seen the young, easily influenced kids soaking up all the trash about how admriable it is to get rounded up and thrown in the jail to "PLUG THE SYSTEM". These kids soak it up like a sponge. I know also how good it feels to have your leash taken off and able to run free. Essentially I think its that emotion that gets manipulated the most here. The PIGBOTS know this too and are always quick to hijack our instincts through propaganda. Just think if all of these folks took all that energy into getting information out to the ZOMBIE CLASS. Educating them as to the real agenda of the BANKSTER elite. That type of interaction may even it make it possible for a world to exist where the G-20 couldn't.