US probing seizures reported after Sanofi flu shot

This article is so FUCKED!!!! Just the brief overview at the beginning should make you question the integrity of RUETERS!!! It says NO CHILDER HAD LONG TERM EFFECTS but this only started in December??? That means that their idea of long term is 1 month!!! What about 6 months. OR A YEAR!!! So much for clinical studies.

UPDATE 3-US probing seizures reported after Sanofi flu shot
Thu, Jan 20 2011
* Rise in fever-related seizures reported after Fluzone

* FDA: Data are preliminary, investigation ongoing

* No children had long-term effects

* Sanofi shares up slightly on NYSE (Adds details of cases from FDA paragraphs 3, 6-8; updates shares)

By Lisa Richwine
WASHINGTON, Jan 20 (Reuters) - U.S. health officials are investigating a rise in reports of a type of seizure following vaccination with a Sanofi-Aventis SA (SASY.PA: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) (SNY.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) flu vaccine, the Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday.

The febrile seizures, or seizures related to a fever, have primarily been reported in children younger than 2, the FDA said in a statement on its website.

The FDA said 42 cases of febrile seizures had been reported as of Dec. 13 and it and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were investigating if they could have been caused by the vaccine, called Fluzone, or if other factors were involved, the FDA said.

Having a fever can cause a seizure in some children. About 4 percent of young children will have at least one febrile seizure in their lifetimes, the FDA said.

"In the cases reported, all children recovered and no lasting effects have been seen," the FDA said.

An FDA spokeswoman said 36 of the cases reported to its vaccine adverse event reporting system were in babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 2 years, with 10 serious cases. She said 38 of the febrile seizures occurred within a day of getting Fluzone.

Experts stress that just because something happens soon after receiving a vaccine, it does not necessarily mean the vaccine was the cause.

The FDA spokeswoman said the vaccine surveillance system did not detect extra reports of febrile seizures after the 2009-10 seasonal flu vaccine or the 2009 H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

The CDC recommends everyone older than 6 months get a flu vaccine annually. That recommendation has not changed, the FDA said.

The Sanofi-Aventis flu shot is the only one recommended for infants and children ages 6 months to 23 months during the current flu season.

The company said it was working with the FDA to investigate the cases.

"At this point no correlation between influenza vaccine and febrile seizures has been established. Adverse events after vaccination may be causally related to vaccine or may be coincidental," Sanofi-Aventis said in a written statement.

The risk of severe illness from influenza is higher among young children, especially under age 2. About 9 out of 10,000 children ages 6 months to 23 months land in the hospital each season for flu-related problems, the FDA said.

Shares of the French drugmaker were up 2 cents at $34.12 in afternoon trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

The FDA posted the notice at (Reporting by Lisa Richwine; editing by Andre Grenon, Dave Zimmerman)


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So in part one we went over the pure quackery of this fluoride game. second part we browsed over the source of fluoride and the fact that it is a FUCKING HAZARDOUS WASTE!! Really Im sick just thinking about writing another part to this modern day MAD SCIENTIST DEPOPULATING tragedy, but like the old saying goes THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

Part 3. Is every bit as disgusting as the others but a bit more technical. The Doctors who wrote this book have made sure to offer case after case in which the BASIC belief that fluoride is good for your teeth is proven to be A STRAIGHT UP LIE. They also go over many of the original studies that promoted POISONING/FLUORIDATING the water in a successful attempt to expose the way in which the data was manipulated so as to make sure nobody would be the wiser. For while it is true that since the 50's tooth decay has been in decline in areas where the water is fluoridated, it is also true that tooth decay has been in decline in areas where it is not!!!! The later part of this is generally what is left out by the fluoride proponents.

So WHO IS IN CHARGE??? Are these people just stupid and kiling folks or are they PURE FUCKIN EVIL and killing people?? Who's house can I go throw some eggs at??? According to this book nobody is in charge. All the Health Agencies in the country have worked together to either shrug their responsibilities in unison, by either not examining crucial RECENT INFORMATION on the matter and updating the laws or not enforcing laws already on the books which dont allow for the POISONING of the population. at least not with out INFORMED CONSENT!!

It would seem that the FDA is going to go ahead and sit this one out. Apparently since FLUORIDE was being sold before certain 1938 laws it was granted a pass. And since the agenda that pushes this poison also ignores any criticism by simply calling folks crazy, NOTHING CHANGES!!! Nobody wants to be that crazy person that questions the past!!! FUCK THAT!!!

ITs obvious now a complete change is necessary. If OUR SPECIES has come to a point now where we are so completely zombified that we dont even care whats in the water SOMETHING IS VITALY INJURED in our spirit. There is a TOXIC WASTE being paid for with our taxes then put into the water that we live off of. THIS SHIT IS INSANE and must stop. IF WE WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN that are not diseased. If we want to live into our old age in good health and able to think in full sentences. Just the other day the US GOV came out and said that there may be too much fluoride in the water after all.
This is some more BULLSHIT. LETS REMEMBER ALSO this industrial grade fluoride is not the same shit you get when you go to the dentist. IT IS MUCH WORSE..ANY AMOUNT IS BAD!!!


I just boosted this article from the homies at the 4ALLOFYOU blog. Not much else to say other then this is a damn good question???

Do you know how much money we are paying (as U.S. taxpayers) to vaccinate infants and children against sexually transmitted diseases?

I spent some time today looking at the numbers. Here is what I found:

In 2008, there were 4,247,695 births in the United States according to the National Vital Statistics report .

Nationally, in 2008, the percentage of children between the ages of 19-35 months of age who lived below the poverty level (and therefore qualified for government-funded vaccinations) was 28.7 (Source)

Assuming the percentage of children born in 2008 and living below the poverty level is similar to the percentage of other preschool children in the U.S. who are living in poverty, we can estimate the number of government-funded vaccinations for children born in 2008 by multiplying the total number of births (4,247,695) by the percentage rate (.287). This gives us an estimate of 1,219,088.

According to data gathered by the CDC, among those children whose vaccinations were funded through the Vaccinations For Children (VFC) program (government-funded vaccines), 95.1% received all three Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

This means that 1,159,353 American children were vaccinated in 2008 against Hepatitis B (three times each) at tax-payers’ expense.

What does this mean?

According to the CDC’s Vaccine Price List, the cost of the Hepatitis B Vaccine (CDC cost per dose) is $10.25.

Three doses (as recommended in the 2010 Childhood Schedule) would cost $30.75.

So, the United States’ taxpayers paid a total of approximately $35,650,105.00 to vaccinate infants against a sexually-transmitted disease. IN ONE YEAR!

Our government spent more than thirty-five million dollars (our tax dollars) vaccinating children against hepatitis B. IN ONE YEAR!

Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread through sexual contact and sharing of infected needles, just like HIV/AIDS. Recent studies reveal that ANY immunity conferred through vaccination is GONE in 2-5 years. So, those children who have been vaccinated as infants will no longer have ANY immunity from vaccination by the time they become sexually active (unless they are crib-hopping in the hospital nursery!).

This is a complete waste of money. However, this is money that has already been spent. What we need to ask ourselves at this point is, what do we have to look forward to in the future?

The Hepatitis B vaccine is a vaccine that is designed and marketed as protection from a sexually-transmitted disease. Another vaccine that has been recently developed and heavily marketed as protection against a sexually-transmitted disease is the HPV vaccine, known as Gardasil or Cervarix. Assuming that our government will continue to fund vaccination according to the recommended schedule for all U.S. children living at or below the poverty level, we can expect our taxpayer dollars to fund the vaccination of these children against HPV in the future.

The current cost of Gardasil (CDC cost per dose) is $108.72.

The current cost of Cervarix (CDC cost per dose) is $96.08.

Splitting the difference, we can expect to pay AT LEAST $ 102.40 per injection. At three injections, that means we (the U.S. taxpayers) will spend approximately $307.00 per child to vaccinate against HPV.

At $307.00 per child, it will cost us (the United States’ Taxpayers) $374,260,016.00 to vaccinate the children born in 2008, and living at or below the poverty level, against HPV virus. Of course, by the time children who are born in 2008 reach the age where they are required to receive the HPV vaccination in order to attend school, the cost of the vaccine may be much higher than it is now.

This is nuts.

The only ones who are benefiting from this are the vaccine manufacturers and the government officials who support them. Meanwhile, more and more children are dying from the vaccines, which are not only expensive, but have never been proven to be safe or even effective.


Why are we allowing this to happen?

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AIGHT the first part of the book examines and ask questions on whether or not the mass drugging of people through the use of the water supply is reliable, safe, or ethical. I would have to say HELL THE FUCK NO!!! so let us further flesh this out.

Chapter 3 is titled THE CHEMICALS USED. Starts off with the story of how in the 60's regulations were put on companies that were mining phosphate for fertilizer. As they were processing the SHIT gases were being emitted from their smoke stacks in factories. This gas was traveling to neighboring farms and crippliling cattle, killing plants so one can only imagine what it was doing to the farmers. It was most likely giving them cancer and crippling...HMMMMM you think!!!

So these regulations made it MANDO that these shit processing companies put some scrubbers inside the smoke stacks at their factories. The waste that the scrubbers pick up while cleaning these stacks has fluoride in it. BUT along with the fluoride a gang of other arsenic's, leads and other will fuck you up and kill you type radioactive materials. In the 60's folks were already using another type of FLUORIDE to clean their teeth so all that was needed was a good PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign and people accepted this NEW SOURCE of FLUORIDE regardless of the fact that this new source was completley contaminated. THIS IS HOW FLUORIDE FOUND ITS WAY INTO OUR WATER SUPPLY.

BUT this is like walking through the woods and your thirsty. You find a spring of water but see a fat ass bear turd sitting at the top of it. Sure your thirsty but you also know that there are other springs around there so your not gonna drink from this CONTAMINATED SOURCE..NO youll just wait till the next one!!!! Anyways you would think thats what any critical conscious NON ZOMBIE citizen would do!!!! BUT we didnt and the PHOSPHATE/FERTALIZER companies were pumped on this. Previously they were getting in trouble for releasing this shit out into the air and NOW they're bout to get paid for it..WHOA!!

now if that aint a MUTHAFUNKING bubbleup right there then im not the HAMBLOGGGERMAN!!!! But just cause its a hustle dont make it coool either...HOW IN THE FUCK are you gonna go from banning this from getting outside because its killing crops and animals to concentrating it and putting it in the water...REALLY THOUGH FOR FUCKING TOOTH DECAY!!! well apparently aint nothing to it but to do it because its happening right now..Yes today we take a toxic waste that is known to strip lead from the brass fittings in our plumbing pipes and put it in the water. You know I had seen alot of similarities between the american empire and the romans but this shit is getting crazy.

Lucky for the companies that sell this shit they get away with it by putting this tag on all of their product "no responsibility can be assumed by vendor for any damage or injury resulting from abnormal use, from any failure to adhere to recommended practices, or from any hazards inherent to the product."--IF THATS NOT TELLING you not to ingest this i dont know what would!!! And while that may give these morally bankrupt companies a pass this doesnt give any doctors a pass to not be critical of this mass medicating. This doesnt give any parents a pass on researching what they are bathing their children in. At this stage in our existence we would be foolish to not believe that companies can and will put their profit ahead of the well being of their customers or patients as we see in this situation. Every person is responsible to defend themselves with the info vital to their survival.