Shepard Fairey...voted this Years posterboy of Generataion Apathy Worm Feces.

So did yall see the new Shepard "yankee hipster" Fairey mural. Well if you thought that he had reached his limits of hypocritical, contextually empty, intellectually challenged better think again. Of course ts hard to take the work of such a sucka ass douchbag biter serious, but hey its a full moon, the kids asleep and I got a few minutes to WASTE so I figure what the hell.
I will give Shepard some credit here. He is a superstar when it comes to being a poster boy for a Generation Apathetic of worms who have had their souls gangbanged by hollywood.  He knows his audience and he plays them like a bunch of school girls. And if his audience can not detect this new painting to be a steaming pile of bullshit, then Im afraid they may not be much smarter then the urinals in a school girls bathroom. I mean what the fuck is he trying to say here.  Is this an exercise in absolute genericicism?


 Just exactly what Peace are you talking about Mr. Shepard Foney? The peace that you were calling for when you were supporting the UN bombing of Libya? Or maybe you mean the empty kind of "Peace" like that of  the Nobel Peace prize that was given to Barack "Drone Bomb the Shit out your thirld world country" Obama. Yeah you know the guy who you did that "Hope" poster for. The guy that has ended up pushing the war efforts on for another 4+ years. Come on you know your buddy Obama who has increased by 5 fold (compared to bush) the Drone Bombings in countries that we are not even in a declared war with. Bombings that have maimed countless of young innocent people,yet you can not find the time to come out and criticize his policies? I mean if you want peace why not speak out on those who propogate the havoc? 

and then there is the JUSTICE part??? but what is it exactly that you are calling for? The kind of justice that is being given to all the Medical Marijuana growers who are being targeted by the Obama administrations DOJ? Havent heard you speak out on this? Or maybe you mean the type of justice that was given to the american citizen 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi who was hit by a missile from a drone plane, while him and his cousin were barbecuing. Wait he never got a trial so I guess that wouldn't be justice.  How bout speaking up on the N.D.A.A. which works to steal peoples right to a trial by jury, any thoughts on that Sheppy boy?  Maybe he meant to write "Justus" as a way to give a shot out to all his crony capitalista homies up at the MOCA?

But before I get lost in my own sarcasm let me take a step back and #keepithundy for yall. See I dont think Shepard "people only like me because i make them money" Fairey really cares about peace or that he really wants "justice". If he wanted Peace  why did he stick up for Jeffery Deitch when he had Blu's anti-war mural buffed out? If he wanted peace he would have by now made an honest attempt to criticize Obama and Co. for all of their war crimes. And as far as justice....NO WAY SHEP WANTS JUSTICE. After the two years of probation that he got for stealing that AP pic to make the "Hope" poster, and the ass whipping he took in Denmark, and his wife pulling his bitch ass card, I dont thnk he could handle much more justice.

 yet an even sweeter, more perfect Justice would mean that everybody who is wearing a OBEY shirt would all the sudden realize they were contributing to the delinquency of a habitual plagiarizer. They would suddenly be struck by the reality that Shep completely bites peoples art, never mentioned the original artist, and in the end reaped huge profits off of his audiences ignorance, and in this moment of clarity all of his teenybopper fans would realize their own self worth and burn every shirt, poster, sticker that has any of this heathens work on it. THAT WOULD BE JUSTICE.

But then again he could just take up El Fatom on challenge to a duel in steel cage???...I think there would be some justice in that too.

I live in such a free country..starring BEN SWANN

I live in such a free country that the military can be used to arrest and imprison me, indefinitely, without a trial. Now thats FREEDOM!! Obama goes on to say that while he doesn't agree with this clause of the N.D.A.A. he had to sign it in order to pay the military. But if the military is being used violate my rights then that's the exact agency I don't want to be funded. To take Obamas position is just more of the spineless, bipartisan treachery that we see going on in the government today. Not until we get principled people into these positions, people who truly understand that the true and moral purpose of government is to secure our rights, and when ever it does anything other then that it is a perversion. To take Obamas position is like Me saying "well I didn't want to get robbed but I invited the burglar into my house and tied myself up." Would you be surprised if I ended up getting robbed? No! So don't be surprised when you start to see your people disappearing to Guantanamo. You know that place, where we keep all those bad people, that are so bad we can't let them have a trial, shit they are so bad we can't even charge them with anything. Just take them from their countries and stick them in a cell. And yes your right...THEY HATE US CAUSE WE ARE FREE! News, Weather

Amen, allah akbar, torah torah, BANG!

The body count rises, blood soaks the streets, people dying everywhere. predator drones circling, white phosphorus dropping, he's watching from the air. The dollar collapse is imminent, a microchip is your fate, scanned at the McDonald's drive through window and at the football game. We must war forever to keep you safe, Peace through violence is the only way, So be good Adults now, relax and let the propaganda matrix suck your soul away. World War 3 has come on gone, nobody knew it was here, Millions of people died from your government in just a couple years, And from the bleachers the people scream and cheer,To busy to drop a tear. The body count rises, blood soaks the streets, another homeless man beaten to death. Another kid shot on the trolley, unarmed and handcuffed, cant blame the muslims for this one so i guess that cop is fucked. But 2 years in protective custody, and then he is free to go, Join blackwater, kill some muslims and continue the blood flow. Its sunday night, no time to care, the sweat is in the air, lets paint our faces and salute the flag, time to be a good tax payer. I grew up on bread and circus now and then a little bit of cake, Who cares if the frosting is made of blood that was someone elses fate. Amen, allah akbar, torah torah, BANG!

Ron Paul and the American Awakening

"He is the real deal and consistent. He has the most experience and wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The man is the American Dream. He was worked on a dairy farm with his family, went to college, went to medical school, served or country, had a medical practice, and finally ended up in politics. He is not the typical privileged son with a Harvard Law degree. We all better wake up..."

I saw this comment on a website today and it made me ask myself some questions.

Is this why Ron is hated? Because he represents what we are all raised to strive for? Hard work, success, family and TRUE patriotism, are these not the qualities that the American Dream implies? Is Ron Paul a reminder to American's that the dream is attainable, and thus a reason not to give up and succumb to the forces of socialism that the controller's have in mind for us? Just exactly how important is this Ron Paul guy anyway?

In a culture like ours, which is largely raised by celebrity role models, Ron Paul is a r3VOLution. It's not just his words, but rather he HIMSELF, his life, the sum total of his actions that strike a blow against the status quo. Ron Paul is the TREASURE MAP. A treasure that is buried within each one of us. He may not be the only map in existence, but given the current state of our collective consciousness and its decline due to the breaking up of the family unit coupled with celebrity worship, Ron Paul's contribution to helping humanity find itself is truly invaluable. I believe this is why he is hated?

Ron Paul's life is one that every American can celebrate. A life that illuminates the Humanity that is the Free Market, and through his intellectual prowess he proves the fallacies in the Socialist Utopia of government regulation. Ron Paul is a reminder that one can, and must work to uphold the Law, just as much as one must work to restrain the Law. The LAW that protects personal property and liberties that belong to all people, equally. Again I'm reminded that while his life is not the only one to be celebrated in this manner, in a culture wounded by its shortsightedness and forgotten history, Ron Paul is a metaphysical lighthouse. Seems like a pretty bad reason to hate somebody, but this does not stop many from doing so.

Ron Paul is a reminder to all people that the government cannot save people from themselves and this scares people who have become dependent. Ron Paul is a reminder to all people that it is up themselves to make of life, what life will be, and this scares people who have lost their confidence. Ron Paul is a bucket of cold sobering water and this scares a people who find comfort in being asleep. And while some may fear and thus hate him for these reasons, there are those of us who LOV3 him for these same reasons. For to us Ron Paul is more then just an embodiment of the American Dream. Ron Paul is also the embodiment of the American Awakening.

RON PAUL 2012...and Beyond!



Is it not the role of Man to protect woman when she is being abused? Is it not the role of a Father to protect his daughter from would be predators? Is it not the role of a Brother to be compassionate to his sister when she finds herself in a moment of weakness? The answer to these questions is a very obvious YES! And this is why it is every mans duty to stand up for women today and boycott the pornography industry. The porn industry is one of, if not THE MOST brutal, hateful and treacherous industries known to man. It is an industry that preys upon woman who, most often, have been victims of sexual abuse and profits from this. It is an industry that works tirelessly at coming up with new ways to sell the idea to young boys that woman are simply sex objects and nothing more then this, thus condemning them to a life unfulfilled relationships. It is an industry that poses as a way for young girls to find financial independence but in reality all it does is rob them of their self respect! Did you know the average porn career lasts 3 months? But the shame and diseases that are caught in these three months can and most often last a lifetime. The porn industry, staying true to its treachery, likes to act like this is not the case. They like to glamorize their hate by promoting people like Jenna Jameson or Ron Jeremy, and saying "Look kids, see how FAMOUS you can be". But the truth be told these people are 1 in a million. The industry acts likes the people involved in porn are strong and do this by choice, but please tell me what type of person, in their right mind, would choose to be degraded and brutalized for a ANY amount of money. The reality is that most porn actors, men and woman, end up just as poor as the day they started, and the only thing they have to show for it is a broken self esteem, Herpes or worse off AIDS. The sad fact is that every woman you see in porn is somebodies Daughter, somebodies Sister or might even be somebodies MOM. What started off as simple photos of naked woman in playboy has turned into a brutal industry of hate and violence and only promises to get worse. Its time to end this brutality and as a Man I feel it is my obligation to speak out against this. There are a lot of people getting hip to the game and as we evolve as people I expect only more will follow. check out WWW.STOPPORNCULTURE.ORG cause these folks are doing a lot to spread the word.

ANYBODY BUT OBAMA?? OH REALLY..then why do you continue to talk mad amounts of shit about everyone else?

Im so sick of hearing these Republican Candidates fronting. For reals though. I wish I would have been keeping count of how many time each one (except Ron Paul) of them has said "Any one of us would be better then Obama". Its got to be getting close to 1,000+. They say this and then in the next breath go on to trash each other. Newt has called Ron dangerous. He has called Mitt a liar. Bachmann said Perry wanted to give girls brain damage. Santorum thinks he is the only one that can make jobs and so on and so on. But still they all get on stage and say that anybody would be better then Obama. Of course I dont buy this for a minute and I dont think that any of them saying this do either, rather it is simply pandering to the Republican zombies who hear this and mistake it for somebody yelling out brains, at which point they go into a rabid zombie like state of ecstasy.

They know its not true and for a good reason. None of them (Except Ron Paul) would be any better then Obama, but to be fair none of them would be any worse either. They would all continue the bailouts. They would all continue the needless wars. They would all continue the cronyism. They would all continue the destruction of our civil liberties. They would all continue the lies. They would do everything the exact same as Obama has done and THIS is proven because they have made a career out of doing these exact same things.

The one thing they may change is "Obamacare", but that is it (and who knows if they really would). And they all know this which is why they place so much emphasis on that. Rick Perry says he would withrdraw every executive order since 2008, as if the shit just started going downhill in 2008. These guys act like Barack has single handedly destroyed the American Economy. Did they HONESTLY forget the BUSH signed us up for the first round of the latest bailouts. Barack simply has followed the lead. They act like Barack put the patriot act into effect? NO HE DIDN'T. Bush and Co, set the precedent while Barack and Co, have simply cashed in on the game that was set up for them. And wither or not they will admit it, all of the candidates (except Ron Paul) will do the exact same thing.

It seems to me that their insinuation that ANYBODY would be better then Obama is a true sign of weakness. If they are not willing to admit that the people next to them would continue on with the traditions that Barack and Co, then they arent being honest. And if they cant be honest about this then why should I think that they could be honest about anything else that they are saying?