Poor Child..This is what I think of when I hear of these assaults against the young defenseless children that are constantly being preyed upon by the media monsters that run the propaganda machines of today. Here we are again show the sadistic fashion in which this media culture of dehumanization attacks the psyche of us all. Really though Child Porn. Will anybody disagree with that this is exactly what this is? If her parents don't press full charges and if these freaks who took the picture and posted it aren't prosecuted it will be further evidence of our decline as humanity. There should be no question of the legal implications here but just in case, i mean just looked what happened to these folks . The bar just keeps getting pushed lower and lower and the media is the perfect tool for the Social Engineering Vampires of today to judge exactly where they stand with the flock. We as a species should be enraged by the exploitation of the youth and speaking up against it whenever it pokes its nasty head up from under the skin of the beast. And now that it's being used as entertainment is really just disgusting.

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