The Phantom Artist

Yo joey krebs has mad word play...and im not mad at fact im hella pumped on the dude...the man is coming at you in so many different ways im not surprised why he is known as the Phantom Artist...from the streets to the airwaves to the gallaries to the net the dude is well pronounced...pushing the envelopes of free thinking and fearlessness he is doing great things in educating the poppy crazed art freaks of todays circus we call life.

check out this link here to one of his latest succesful attempts to be a big brother to the art culture and stand up to the biters trying to steal the fire!!!

yeah he also gives a shout out to the hambloggger man and thats whats up....Joey if your listening....get at me for an interview!!!!!!!!

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    Winter 2011

    The Phantom Street Artist and the Art Saves Lives collective most recently presented a site specific street guerilla theater installation whose cultural act titled PYR8FREETV and its mission is to make social, kultural and political commentary. The premiere project took place at the Hold up Art (Little Tokyo gallery) on October 28th, 2010 during the opening exhibition of Marxist Glue.   

    The Phantom Street Artist staged a controversial contested stolen work of Art  by true Author; Reuters Photographer and Documentarian named Ed Nachtrieb. The artwork was pilfered and improperly infringed by Shepard Fairey for numerous museum exhibits and galleries without ever properly referencing or naming the author as its true source.

    Through critical inquiry and staged performance the guerilla Phantom Street Artist staged the re-creation of a stolen artwork titled Chinese Soldiers, 2006 by the established Rip Off Artist Shepard Fairey. Shepard Fairey is locked in a legal battle against the Associated Press for exploiting the work of the AP and their Chicano photographer Mannie Garcia; the legal case has seriously affected the future of the Creative Commons Movement and the Fair Use Project as well as the Arts. The Phantom Street Artist has proposed a Mixed Martial Arts challenge match to fight Shepard Fairey in a cage match.

    “The Good the Bad and the Fairey Ugly”

    We are True Visionary Believers who are returning Media and its message to its Messenger.
    Come join us as the TRUE Messengers...

    Reality is no longer what you imagine it to be....
    PYR8FREETV Lost Angeles 2010
    Questioning Our Culture in Question...