R.I.P. Adelaide Norris

The GODDESS is in full effect with this movie BORN IN FLAMES!!! She aint fuckin around though. Done fed up with being treated like trash she is rising up and taking whats hers. The man aint having it though. Special op forces are in full force. Suicided by the main stream. Communications jammed. The GODDESS thrives. The Phoenix born from the fires of revolution her wings of justice spread flying through the sky watching over her children, her songs speak to their centers of confidence. Her cries an extension of the pain that they collectively have felt and the blood that they have bled.

Yeah this movie is pretty much bad ass!!! Direct commentary on how socialism works and in effect doesnt work. Folks just gotta come together as their own like minded selves and get done what they need to be done in order to live and bring meaning to our daily experience. Dont think that any governmental party is gonna make that happen. Because governmental parties suck and always have the worst dj's.

viva la evolution!!!!!!!!!

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