TSA strip searches child

this video is just about ridiculous. Really making a kid take his shirt off to see if he has a bomb strapped to him. how do this TSA workers take themselves serious, how do they go home and look in the mirror and not be ashamed. The logic of all this new security at the airport is at level 0 and is very reflective of an agency that uses mascots in their videos that show you how to be prepared before you get to the checkpoint. the social engineers laugh as they watch these videos get posted up. they probably masturbate to them. the obedience thermometer gets shoved deeper up the public's ass and we just keep paying our taxes. Like the terrorists cant just rent a private plane and fill it full of bombs. How are they gonna stop that!!!! In fact thats all that this type of activity is going to promote..maybe then it will just become illegal to have a private plane...I mean people with private planes must be rich and being rich is not a sign of sacrificing your self for society and only evil people dont do that!!! RIGHT??????

now im sure the father to this kid had some really important place to go and just couldnt miss his flight, but DAMNIT man there has to be some point at which you say NO. Fuck no my kid aint taking his shirt off, fuck no you cant touch him, fuck no i dont care if you kick my ass out this airport. What ever happend to causing a good ole fashion scence!!! You know like maybe getting loud..calling them out on their bullshit..this kid is gonna grow up thinking this is all right unless as a father you tell him HELL NO its not ok for somebody to make you get naked to make sure that everybody else is safe.

heres a glimpse into what we can all get ready for..Im so excited I think im gonna puke...just the thought of having somebody look up my ass send tingles up my back..

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