SHHHHHEEEEEETTTTT these fucking kids would have gotten smashed on by one of the private mercenaries that follow around any banker with real clout. NO the banker in this commercial would be some low level clerk who aint got shit. Sure they may be trying to climb the ladder of corporate greed but they aint calling no shots. Hes just one zero ahead of the rest of the low lives out here in the world exhaling CO2.

WE KNOW THAT all this climate change bullshit is being promoted by the big time cats with an entourage. The ones that you DONT see on the tv. The ones behind the curtain. the ones that nine zeroes ahead of the rest of us USELESS EATERS.

This commercial is simply propaganda being directed at the uneducated youth of today who really think that wealth redistribution is the way to go. I mean think about this if your already paying a carbon tax and then you go steal it back from the banker then all your doing is taking your money back. And if its done by force chances are youll get thrown in jail. AH SHIT HOW PERFECT. now the prison system keeps grinding and the public has more reasons to be afraid of somebody who is just waiting to do it to them. These kids are what Mr. Marx referred to as useful idiots. Enjoy your bondage SON!!!

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