Police State Shakedown! Starring Adam Kokesh and the Freedom's Fresh Dance Krew!!

Looking at your child and telling them that they live in free country has never been harder for people in the U.S.A. The police state is in full swing working overtime in an attempt to insure their "tactical position" of full spectrum dominance. Knowing that any threat to their position must be met with the same force of tyranny we see the POLICE inflict pain and violence upon the citizens who choose to exorcise their rights in a peaceful manner.

In the videos below this is demonstrated by police arresting, pushing, slamming, punching a group of people who had gathered at the Thomas Jefferson memorial to protest against a recent ban that was upheld which prohibits dancing on site.

Exactly how do you go home and look yourself in mirror after you've spent the day beating up people dancing. I can't imagine that it is any easier, for these cops to lie to their family by telling them that the country they live in is free, then it is for the other group of people who witnessed this act of police state oppression. In fact it's probably much harder for these individual officers to deal with the lie! I mean when is the last time you've seen a happy cop?

We hear at the hamblogggerman stand in full solidarity with our brothers and sisters that choose to dance instead of walk into the future. The world was a stage now its a dance floor and there aint no parking on it. Big shot out to all the human beings holding it down for the rhythm of peace and expression.

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