California Congress People Who Voted To End War In Libya

A couple of weeks ago congress voted on pulling out all military assistance from Libya. I thought I should give a nod to all of my Cali Reps that voted yes on HR. 51.

Xavier Becerra (D-31),John Campbell (R-48),Sam Farr (D-17),Barbara Lee(D-9)
Tom McClintock (R-4),Grace Napolitano (D-38),Laura Richardson (D-37),Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-34),Ed Royce (R-40),Brad Sherman (D-27),Jackie Speier (D-12),Pete Stark (D-13),Maxine Waters (D-35),Lynn Woolsey (D-6).

The highlighted names will send you to videos and articles where these Reps. are individually commenting on Libya. Most of them saying that the President did not have the authority in the first place to start this war. A few of them discuss impeachment as the only option left. I was feeling this video of Tom McClintock!! He lays the case down in a common sense manner while at the same time appealing to a modern sophisticated political philosophy.

The case seems open and shut to me. Obama and his cohorts are working outside of the law. Question is now who will enforce JUSTIICE?

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