Libyan Rebel Leader Killed by Libyan Rebel a.k.a. LIBYAN REBELS TURN TO CULTURAL CANNIBALISM

"The longer the war drags on, the further eastern Libya appears to slip into lawlessness, raising questions about what kind of Libya could emerge if Gaddafi goes." Reports Rania El Gamal, who is covering the African Conflict for Rueters.  This is in response to the news that Abdel Fattah Younes,who is a leader of the "Libyan Rebels" had been assassinated by a person from within their organization. You know that rebel organization, known as The Transitional National Council  that "The United States, which like some 30 other nations has formally recognized."

Really though does this surprise anybody? The T.N.C. is admitted Al Qaeda, This is who my representative in Congress felt it necessary to BACK UP so as to maintain a free and prosperous Libya. This is who the President of my Country sees fit to replace Gaddafi and a cause he is so dedicated to he will go back on his oath to the Constitution and thus the people of his country!! Are these Adults really this STUPID???? 

Of course they are not this stupid. Al Qaeda is a group that was originally created by the  C.I.A  to fight the Russians. They are now being used by to fight Gaddafi.  Just look at the plush treatment they got after 9/11 when they were taxied out of Afghanistan before the U.S.A  (Land of the Free) used depleted uranium and other exotic weaponry on the people there. Even though the reason given to the American public for us invading Afghanistan was that Al Qaeda was nesting there, we literally flew them out. 

And just in case you start feeling lucky don't forget they have also been used as a tool against the American People.

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