Timothy Geithner oversees 3.7 Trillion Dollar national debt increase-King of INFLATION

In case you thought the Treasury Dept. was just sitting around doing nothing about the current economic meltdown you should read this very short but telling article.

"When Geithner took office the total national debt stood at $10.6 trillion. As of June 30, 2011, it had risen to $14.3 trillion."  HMMMMM. Wonder how in the heck we are gonna pay that back?? Are we supposed to?

"In fact, the debt accrued under Geithner is greater than all federal debt accrued in the first 204 years of the nation’s history." Tim "Turbo Tax" Geithner must be so proud of himself having set this horrific record. Him coming  fresh ooff the job up at the Federal Reserve he proves that he his game is as tight as ever. Continuing in his crews tradition, of exaggerating the nations wealth by inflating it money supply, he now wears the crown as KING OF INFLATION.

"Geithner, who reportedly may step down from his position soon, has overseen the accrual of more federal debt (in only 2.5 years) than every Treasury secretary combined from Alexander Hamilton to Nicholas Brady, who was Treasury secretary in October 1991 when the national debt reached $3.7 trillion." I don't know about you folks but It makes me happy to know that I'm seeing history in the making. NOT!!!

Seriously though it's sad to know that he thinks he is doing a good job and that by his and his families standards he is doing just that. Are we any better off after this huge increase in debt? The only thing I've seen is prices go up on everything because of the watered down value of my CASH.  It's not even funny how much one has to pay for a bag of groceries these days.  It's no wonder why so many herd into the drive through for cheap genetically modified foods off the DOLLAR MENU!

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