The world continues to prove that its just one spiraling vortex of truth, deception, honesty and hypocrisy. The dizziness that ensues is just about enough to make me vomit. Fortunately ive read enough of the art of war to know that letting this emotion get the best of me is a sure fire way to seal my fate as a dead man so! Its with a straight face that I report on this incarnation of irony thats bleeding into the minds of people all over los angeles KILLAFORNIA!

Just a few months ago we reported on the horrific assault on the ANTI WAR ART MOVEMENT via the PUBLIC EXECUTION of a mural painted by the artist BLU! Jeffery Deitch said "This is 100% about my effort to be a good, responsible, respectful neighbor in this historic community"


This was just a further insult to the masses of people who believe in peace and condemn the blood being shed in their names. People who know that their loved ones who died in these wars did not die protecting their country, no they died protecting the interests of multinational banking cartels. Needless to say the event caused quite a stir in the los angeles community and the MOCA caught a lot of heat. I called for an act of solidarity amongst artists and asked for them to boycott the gallery to show that we are a community of people who could recognize this assault not just on BLU but on the the very core of art which is freedom of expression. If this type of hatred is allowed to continue artists will become slaves to a standardized agenda which would suck the imagination out of humanity turning us in mindless robots turning out mechanical blabberings about what ever our programmer chooses.

It would seem that I could not have been any more right. This April 19 the very same spineless shell of a wanna be art gallery plans on bringing to the people an exhibit entitled ART IN THE STREETS. The name in itself describes the level of oxymoronicisms that are going on up round here! They say this show is "going to be the first major museum survey of the history of graffiti and street art presented in the United States."Apparently the museum will not be exploring any of the areas of Graffiti's history that may "offend the community" as Deitch said about the BLU mural. Now being that graffiti is typically known as offensive to the communities in which it mars this is going to be a tough job. Im sure some things will slip through the cracks but I have a HUNCH that all of the ANTI WAR elements of the history of GRAFFILTHY will be redacted before the show.

This will surely be a sad thing. The ANTI WAR and GRAFFITI movements have gone hand in hand for so long. Perhaps the Anti War is more dependent on Graffiti because so often the main stream news pushes only the PROWAR-ANTILIFE agenda. Without corporate sponsorship it can be difficult for the ANTIWAR movement to then get its message out to the masses. Grafilthy can then become the only option. Its in your face tactics have been found to be one of the most efficient and direct ways to get the word of peace out into the streets. Graffiti also has a deep affinity for the ideological foundations of the ANTI WAR movement because being against the war these days is always ANTI ESTABLISHMENT-PRO FREEDOM! This sentiment is what the two share and embody in their essence. Displaying one without the other will be difficult to do no doubt. A mission that could only be taken on by the most sophisticated of social engineers. Who could this be? Well it seems that the answer is in plain view. According to the press release put out by MOCA "Art in the Streets is made possible by The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation."

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation:

A nonprofit organization dedicated to raising student achievement by recruiting, training and supporting executive talent from across America to become the next generation of urban school district leaders. They recruit folks from the military, wall street CEOs and teach them the ins and outs of running schools then get them jobs as the superintendents of schools. Eli Board is the founder . According to Forbes 400, at $3.8 billion, Eli Broad places forty-fifth in U. S. sure wealth. Eli's philosophy that has him WINNING as it would seem is that “For our country to once again become educationally competitive, we need to prepare our students, especially those in our inner cities, for a global economy far beyond the four walls of the classroom." Of the graduates of his class his says" These proven leaders are ready to take on this challenge, and they have stepped up to take on the most important job in America: urban school superintendent.” (The next in that line of importance being PARENTS.) The success rate of his school has been phenomenal and so many of our superintendents today in our school districts are also Military commanders. (Looking back on school now I realize why it was so militarized. You got these fucking assholes running the place behind the curtains.)

So it would seem that we have now figured out who exactly it was that Jeffery Deitch was talking about when he said that he was afraid BLUs mural was going to offend people. Those people were going to be the sponsors of his next big show. If Eli Broad's main goal is to get the military industrial complex/bankster class fully embedded in the nations school front to promote his global future economy surely he does not want people to question the validity of the war. Being that in this grim future, where him and his cohorts intellectually bankrupt the masses so that people forget how to keep a family and the boys have to grow up to be cannon fodder because just as the worlds economy is presently driven by the military industrial complex you can be sure many more jobs in the future will be in the war industry. Blu's mural because it questioned the motives of war was a threat to the FUTURE as Eli Broad envisions it. You know the future where the bank owns everyone's house!!! If people saw this mural they might think a bit harder when it came time to make the decision as to wither or not they were going to die for these multinational banking cartels.

heres eli hanging with his crew!

Now the question that begs to be asked. What is it that, through the promoting of GRAFILTHY and all of its historical exploits, is ELI going to achieve? Obviously its to connect to the "Inner City Youth" he is so eager to help out.RIGHT!!??? The line up of artists looks to be quite impressing. Apparently none of them read my manifesto of resistance. Im not mad at them though. Concerned for their artistic integrity I am though. I would hate to see some useful idiot fall into this den of blood sucking vipers even on my worst day. Questions should be asked though and for not doing this nobody gets a pass.

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