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I guess if its in the Washington Post its really not a secret so the headline is a bit misleading but that doesnt mean that there arent actual secret wars going on. In fact the title alone begins to condition us into being ok with this and one may think that since their spilling the beans about these wars they surely must have the intentions of telling us about the new ones. Of course this will only be able to happen once all the terrorists are found and killed or thrown into prison.

"Obama, one senior military official said, has allowed "things that the previous administration did not."

Its hard to imaging that Bush didnt let his minions not to pretty much anything they wanted but apparently he did. I mean there photos of torture that Barack couldnt even show the flock. Makes me sad to think about the way the killing of civilians is just brazenly mentioned as a neccessary byproduct of the war on terror.

I know that most people I know voted for Barack because they thought he intended to stop the wars but here we see the exact opposite in a major freakin way. They should be pissed off and in the streets letting him know what time it is. Enough of the deception already. We need leaders not liars. US military secretly inside of 74 countries doesnt seem transparent to me.

9/11 is mentioned 5 times. Wonder if it has something to do with secret wars?????

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