Anna Azari lets you know what time it is in this interview below. How anybody thinks whats Israel has done is ok is really disgusting. Killing people then acting like a victim. Putting out only half the story while they pirate away the rest of the evidence. How convenient. Are the good people of the planet just going to continue to sit by and watch this type of shit happen then hope that the UN is going to some how bring justice. They would have long ago stopped the murderous blockade being set up by Israel if that was the case. The pro Israel slant on almost every website is further evidence of Rupert Murdochs grip over the lamestream media. He aint fooling The Hamburger Man though. It will be interesting to see what comes of these murders. Will anybody face charges. Will the families get to use the media as a platform to express their concerns or will they be ignored. I would have thought their words would be out now. Then again they may still not know!!!

Now after you ask yourself some of these questions take a gander at some expert investigative bloggging going on....


Really Israel...posting fake pictures...this is really starting to look like a satanic blood letting ritual...

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