Hike 4 Humanity=Kill your TV=Counter Media

YO YO!!!! What thiiizzzilling everybody!!!! Its bout to be cracking off this Saturday sept 11 2010....Were bout to get the second hike for humanity set in full motion...hiking from normal heights to seaport village...the theme is humanity and all its glory...peep the link


Its gonna be going down seriously...free hugs!!!! free cds!!! free smiles!!! free humanity!!! and the homie Mix Master Whompenhiemer will be mixing tunes through out the journey!!! Gyeah thats right were gonna be dubstepin all the way there and hopefully sneak into the Rusko show after that!!! HAHAHA... Nah for reals though come join in the fun and bring a sign or a shirt or a smile....anything to let these streets of SD know that we are alive...were having fun...and we wont be held down by the fear tactics used to keep us indoors....the festivities are poppin off at noon so get up of your ass and DANCE!!!

Just look at how much fun we had on the last hike.

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