Get ready for the media pushed, non science based, fear mongering propaganda to start kicking in here as we approach the winter months and the "FLU SEASON". Much of this will be brought to you by your boy up at Rueters, Mr. Thomas Glocer.

This guy has positioned himself very well to make boats like of greenbacks, C.R.E.A.M., dinero, loot, euros, you know what Im sayin..COLD HARD CASH!!! and how is he going to do this you ask...

WELLL just check out Mr. Glocer's Bio. You will notice that he is Chief Executive @ Rueters, he is Director of Merck Pharmaceutical's, and he is a member of the Council on Foreign relations just to name a few. Now how could he be using his ties at these three organizations in order to make this loot????

Well Reuters is one of the largest new outlets today. Every year we seem them pumping stories out about how bad the flu's are going to be. How if you dont get the shots your gonna DIE..your family is going to be out a father, or mother, or brother, a sister. How that nasty HPV is going to attack your virgin 12 year old daughter. We see the stories about how safe the merck products are despite having a Pig Virus in them. Do you ever see them printing stories on alternative methods to staying healthy?? Are there any ways?? Just check this article here. PUSHING ALL TYPES OF DOPE onto the unsuspecting parents of kids going back to school. Notice how all those diseases that they are promoting can all be cured by the magical vaccines made by MERCK .

Now I'm not hating on folks making money. NOT ONE BIT. A man should have the ability to procure the means for taking taking care of his family. What I am against however is deceit. And thats exactly what we find up here at the good ol globalist think tank The Council on Foreign Relations . Just look at what this monsters are talking about when your not looking.

Ok so maybe you are peep this out...

we see here though Mr. Glocer is part of this evil alliance and he is out to get you...he wants your blood.. your loot...your mind...your kids...

I wonder if he gets the shots??????

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