AIGHT the first part of the book examines and ask questions on whether or not the mass drugging of people through the use of the water supply is reliable, safe, or ethical. I would have to say HELL THE FUCK NO!!! so let us further flesh this out.

Chapter 3 is titled THE CHEMICALS USED. Starts off with the story of how in the 60's regulations were put on companies that were mining phosphate for fertilizer. As they were processing the SHIT gases were being emitted from their smoke stacks in factories. This gas was traveling to neighboring farms and crippliling cattle, killing plants so one can only imagine what it was doing to the farmers. It was most likely giving them cancer and crippling...HMMMMM you think!!!

So these regulations made it MANDO that these shit processing companies put some scrubbers inside the smoke stacks at their factories. The waste that the scrubbers pick up while cleaning these stacks has fluoride in it. BUT along with the fluoride a gang of other arsenic's, leads and other will fuck you up and kill you type radioactive materials. In the 60's folks were already using another type of FLUORIDE to clean their teeth so all that was needed was a good PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign and people accepted this NEW SOURCE of FLUORIDE regardless of the fact that this new source was completley contaminated. THIS IS HOW FLUORIDE FOUND ITS WAY INTO OUR WATER SUPPLY.

BUT this is like walking through the woods and your thirsty. You find a spring of water but see a fat ass bear turd sitting at the top of it. Sure your thirsty but you also know that there are other springs around there so your not gonna drink from this CONTAMINATED SOURCE..NO youll just wait till the next one!!!! Anyways you would think thats what any critical conscious NON ZOMBIE citizen would do!!!! BUT we didnt and the PHOSPHATE/FERTALIZER companies were pumped on this. Previously they were getting in trouble for releasing this shit out into the air and NOW they're bout to get paid for it..WHOA!!

now if that aint a MUTHAFUNKING bubbleup right there then im not the HAMBLOGGGERMAN!!!! But just cause its a hustle dont make it coool either...HOW IN THE FUCK are you gonna go from banning this from getting outside because its killing crops and animals to concentrating it and putting it in the water...REALLY THOUGH FOR FUCKING TOOTH DECAY!!! well apparently aint nothing to it but to do it because its happening right now..Yes today we take a toxic waste that is known to strip lead from the brass fittings in our plumbing pipes and put it in the water. You know I had seen alot of similarities between the american empire and the romans but this shit is getting crazy.

Lucky for the companies that sell this shit they get away with it by putting this tag on all of their product "no responsibility can be assumed by vendor for any damage or injury resulting from abnormal use, from any failure to adhere to recommended practices, or from any hazards inherent to the product."--IF THATS NOT TELLING you not to ingest this i dont know what would!!! And while that may give these morally bankrupt companies a pass this doesnt give any doctors a pass to not be critical of this mass medicating. This doesnt give any parents a pass on researching what they are bathing their children in. At this stage in our existence we would be foolish to not believe that companies can and will put their profit ahead of the well being of their customers or patients as we see in this situation. Every person is responsible to defend themselves with the info vital to their survival.

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