So in part one we went over the pure quackery of this fluoride game. second part we browsed over the source of fluoride and the fact that it is a FUCKING HAZARDOUS WASTE!! Really Im sick just thinking about writing another part to this modern day MAD SCIENTIST DEPOPULATING tragedy, but like the old saying goes THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

Part 3. Is every bit as disgusting as the others but a bit more technical. The Doctors who wrote this book have made sure to offer case after case in which the BASIC belief that fluoride is good for your teeth is proven to be A STRAIGHT UP LIE. They also go over many of the original studies that promoted POISONING/FLUORIDATING the water in a successful attempt to expose the way in which the data was manipulated so as to make sure nobody would be the wiser. For while it is true that since the 50's tooth decay has been in decline in areas where the water is fluoridated, it is also true that tooth decay has been in decline in areas where it is not!!!! The later part of this is generally what is left out by the fluoride proponents.

So WHO IS IN CHARGE??? Are these people just stupid and kiling folks or are they PURE FUCKIN EVIL and killing people?? Who's house can I go throw some eggs at??? According to this book nobody is in charge. All the Health Agencies in the country have worked together to either shrug their responsibilities in unison, by either not examining crucial RECENT INFORMATION on the matter and updating the laws or not enforcing laws already on the books which dont allow for the POISONING of the population. at least not with out INFORMED CONSENT!!

It would seem that the FDA is going to go ahead and sit this one out. Apparently since FLUORIDE was being sold before certain 1938 laws it was granted a pass. And since the agenda that pushes this poison also ignores any criticism by simply calling folks crazy, NOTHING CHANGES!!! Nobody wants to be that crazy person that questions the past!!! FUCK THAT!!!

ITs obvious now a complete change is necessary. If OUR SPECIES has come to a point now where we are so completely zombified that we dont even care whats in the water SOMETHING IS VITALY INJURED in our spirit. There is a TOXIC WASTE being paid for with our taxes then put into the water that we live off of. THIS SHIT IS INSANE and must stop. IF WE WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN that are not diseased. If we want to live into our old age in good health and able to think in full sentences. Just the other day the US GOV came out and said that there may be too much fluoride in the water after all.
This is some more BULLSHIT. LETS REMEMBER ALSO this industrial grade fluoride is not the same shit you get when you go to the dentist. IT IS MUCH WORSE..ANY AMOUNT IS BAD!!!

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