The Dick wants smaller clips

How fukin ironic is this shit. Cheney that lying scum bag heartless piece of shit thinks we should have smaller clips.

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And this would stop people from carrying around multiple clip how???? Dick Cheney is no fool and dont give a fuck about you. Him and his folks are bent on controlling the world OF COURSE they want to disarm the people. Americans, africans, afghanis, EVERYBODY. HE IS A TYRANT that orders people to be torchered.

GUN LAWS look at it like this. Remember that guy Major Hasan that shot 43 people last year at Fort Hood. OK will they did not allow guns at Fort Hood. Had this not been the case there is no way that he would have been able to get that many shots off. And fuck the small clips HE HAD MULTIPLE GUNS. When you take away peoples right to have a gun you essentially turn them into one of these helpless soldiers. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THIS TO SOMEBODY??? Taking away the right for somebody to be able to defend themselves is essentially like signing the death warrant.

Whats funny is that I bet alot of people who against people having the right to own guns are also against the death penalty.

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