My suspicions are ever growing that the social engineers that work at the pentagon are continually infiltrating our daily lives. By placing agents within the positions of society which shape the thoughts of culture they can often lead the herd without ever being noticed. The obedience that they get from the human herd would usually take brute force and war but is now done through sophisticated methods of mind control.

In this article from OBEY.COM Shep takes his position at the table and argues on why me being able to own a HANDGUN is bad for society. Well he doesnt call me out by name but asserts that the right for anybody to own a handgun is obscene and that we have totally misused the 2nd amendment. According to SHEP "The wisdom of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that a state militia could combat dictatorial oppression. I would assert that putting easily concealed handguns in the hands of a large portion of the civilian population was probably not what the founding fathers had in mind." I wonder what he thinks of this video???

Shepard goes on to say that he was taught to value HUMAN LIFE and thats why he's cool with shotguns????????? but that "Hand guns are too easy to misuse." SOUNDS LIKE SOME SCURRRY ASS SHIT TO ME!!! They are also easy to use and thats why they are so effective. Calling for the disarming of the population is such fantasy land, utopia bullshit. Just for the simple fact that you will never be able to rid the guns from the hands of the people who will misuse them (CRIMINALS) makes it unsafe to rid them from the hands of the people who WONT misuse them. If its not a TYRANNICAL government that the people are faced with then it will probably be some piece of shit junkie coming to get your shit. OR WORSE COMING TO RAPE YOUR DAUGHTER.. you know the type of shit that happens everyday.

Shepard or who ever is writing this shit up at OBEY seem to love to speak in paradox's and pull the goooood ole double speak juke on the unsuspecting audience. First he says "I began this print before the recent shootings in Arizona inspired by Nevada Tea Party nut job Sharron Angle’s comment that “if congress keeps going this way, people are looking for 2nd Amendment remedies" but then goes on to say "I’m not blaming violent rhetoric for the shootings committed by a mentally ill man". I do have to give it to him though, he stays consistent in his position directly on top of the fence?????

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