make believe, dress up, publicity stunt
hollywood star!
in the closet cuckold, sitcom topic, crying
looking in to the hi def sky,
hollywood stars, playing our parts,
and we laugh at them,
as they mock our stupidity while eating our children.
rerun, flicker rate.
electronically induced dream state.
keep laughing,
oops i mean crying.
crippled creatively,
mentally murdered,
asphyxiated imagination laughing at the tv.
remembering the names of all the hollywood constellations
as they swim across this hi def sky.
channeled heroes.
commercial parents.
cartoon friends.
cable gods.
the sky so hi def it looks real life.
what is real life.
hollywood actor,
whose playing whose part?
you laugh, i cry.
youll live forever and someday ill die!

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