The Hambloggger Man interviews Mr. VizFact of VizTV

If you have not already been over to the homey, Mr. VizFact's blog you're kinda slipping, HARD. VizFact has been putting in a gang of work at pushing culturally valuable date into the blogggosphere. Dude has super large amounts of educational blogs, social critique and comedy up on his youtube channel, however if your too lazy to click on that link at the very least make sure you peep out one of his latest and greatest, made for you tube mini doc about circumcision. It could save your unborn sons FORESKIN.

I first found VizFact via a Public Service Denouncement that the had produced on Rick Perry. Not pulling any punches Viz got to the bone of the many controversies (including but not limited to, his aigning of an executive order that mandated 12 year girls get a shot of Gardisal to stop them from getting an STD) that surround the Texas Governor thus exposing his True Socialist Agenda. It has since become apparent to me that VizFact offers a radically genuine perspective on most of life's circumstances. For example take a look at this hard hitting reminder of what the fuck you should not have stopped thinking about.

Its going to take a nation of informed people to pull us back from flying off of this cliff of hyper inflation and tyranny but its folks like Mr.VizFact, who are a testimony to this being a possible reality. Up here at THEHAMBLOGGGERMAN independent thinking is highly sought out and prized, so I just wanted again make sure to say how thankful and honored I was to have had this opportunity to interview the Viz and am hopeful that another chance to do it again comes soon!! Until Then....


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