Rick Perry gets served @ CNN Tea Party Debate

Folks like Rick Perry really need to get put on front street for their hypocritical positions. So I was very happy to see him go under fire at tonight's debate, and even more pleased by his inability to hold himself together.

Rick was looking like a boxer getting his ass whipped the way he was sucking up all that air. Bachman dropping the Merck connection was obviously a painful subject for Slick Rick. His rebuttal was that he had in fact only received $5,000 dollars from them for his campaign and that he was offended, not that she would say that he would sell out but because she said he would do it for so little. HAHAHA. Well ends up that a certain bloggger was quick to point out that it was actually $30,000 that was donated to his campaign. GO FIGURE.

Then Sontorum came through to take a piece out of his punk ass by further pointing out the obvious fact that the Government should not have any roll in vaccinating 12 year old girls against HPV!! At this point Rick Perry didn't know what to do. The rest of the night he fumbled through his questions and had a glossed over look on his face. OUT FOR THE COUNT. This issue is not going to go anywhere nor should it. That Rick Perry used his executive authority to mandate young girls get vaccines for this STD completely destroys his credibility as a conservative. He should be getting laughed/booed from the stage everywhere he goes.

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